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Should I run away

Asked by Isaac31 (3points) March 17th, 2008 from iPhone

cause am so mad

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how old are you

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@jiboo: how f-ing insensitive can you be…not even funny as a joke.

man, at least ask for more detail in the story before judging-I am ashamed for you. If this is how Fluther is heading, man…W-T-F!

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What happened?

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No way. If it has anything to do with your parents, then you need to just realize that they love you. I am sure that whatever it is, it’s not worth running away! Face your problems head on, with your head high, and your shoulders square. If you run away from problems, you’re just creating a future problem known as regret. I wish you the best!

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@bulbatron9—Unless they are abusing him/her…

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Being angry is not really a good reason to run away. If you start this habit now, then you’ll be running away for the rest of your life from jobs, relationships, just about everything.

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Isaac. Could really use some more info!

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if thats happen they should call the cops glial

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@oneye1 then he tells the cops that his parents were abusing him, and he left… but i hope thats not the case, i know how that feels..

and @jiboo420 i can’t believe you said that… of all the ignorant things to say, you don’t know anything about why he wants to run away, and the first thing you say it something mean and cruel… your pathetic….

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Why don’t you tell us some details about what happened?

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Maybe he ran away =X

Now only if he had an iPhone, he would be able to talk to us….

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@icei was saying if he is being abused call the cops

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Excuse me, who did you just call “stupid fucks”?

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the lil boy thinks using the f word makes him look all grown up

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if your going to at least take some food with you, like a good PB&J.

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@jiboo420 well arn’t you a hardass? Honestly, like my mom and dad taught me, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all….cause by you saying that…what does it accomplish? You sound like a complete jackass, and you could hurt someones feelings, and hey who knows, what if something really bad actually happen to this kid….

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jiboo-if you weren’t hiding behind your iPhone you would have a CREW of users here serving you up-

How about trying to lend an ear or just keep quiet…(I’m tidying up my answer here).

So back on track: Isaac, what’s the specific problem here with your situation?

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I like ridiculing someone as much (probably more) than most people. You just have to know when to do it. A stupid question about a fart is fair game. Someone that seems to need help about a major decision or seems to be in distress is when it is time to put on the kitten gloves.

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@john we have had our problems but you are died on man

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are you people serious? What are doing. Why are you fighting eachother? Grow up!!

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You know what? I’m sorry. No one is stupid. And i really shouldn’t use the F word in a public disscussion place like this. I was just trying to defend myself. But if he really wanted help, he should have explained more.

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all is forgiven child , and i do agree with you, he should have explain at least something…

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Yeah man, let us know what’s up and all of us here will be more than happy to advise you in the right direction.

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ya or at least let us know your ok sometimes poeple around here me included come off as hard asses but over all most poeple here care for each other

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For those of you with a heart Isaac31 asked this new question.

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lol the power of the internet and being able to be whoever you want to be. anyways..

should you run away? answer: simply…No… running away will never solve anything.If we have problem in our lives, running away doesn’t help, they usually follow where ever you go. kinda like your shadow..

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