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"I just want my life back". is this not the most hated six words on the Gulf Coast?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) June 19th, 2010

CEO of PB made this statement, right in the mist of the oil spill tragedy. was his timing incredibly wrong or what? I have also read that the BP CEO either attended or participated in a yacht race today. i am wondering where this mans concern is for the people, animals and lost tourism on the Gulf Coast. i feel this man should be at the sight of the tragedy to oversee its operations and not out boating and “wanting his life back”. and, your opinion is…..........?

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not to mention he just looks like a prick… ugh, his face makes me angry!

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Obviously he had something going for him. CEO of BP is not a shit job.

He does look like mr. bean though.

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“Barton, a Texas congressman and the highest-ranking Republican on the Energy and Commerce Committee, decided to apologize to—wait for it—BP chief executive Tony “I’d like my life back” Hayward during a hearing Thursday morning.

“I’m ashamed of what happened in the White House yesterday,” Barton told Hayward, condemning a $20 billion account funded by BP to help pay damages from the spill and calling it a “shakedown” of the company by the Obama administration.”

Two words for both of them… “FUCK OFF”

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If he were anything close to a person for whom one would have a modicum of respect, Tony would have never left the Gulf, sleeves up, rubber pants on, cleaning up the mess himself week after week. That or kill himself were his only two choices, as far as I can see. The rest is just stinging wounds to everyone in America who cares about this catastrophic oil spill.

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Aww, poor little CEO… can be so unfair…...~

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What a twit !

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It’s really amazing the arrogance of some of these people. After wall street got that big bailout, some ceo’s were going to vegas and getting bonuses. For what?! How are these people not getting fired or truly made responsible in some way? I think that man should have everything taken out of his house except a tv stuck on fox news and left under house arrest, tied to a chair.

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His utterance betrays both insensitivity to those suffering from the effects of BP’s negligence and a remarkable lack of character on his part.

He lacks the qualities I would look for in any type of leader.

Good riddance to him.

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I read a story (here and here) the day after Congressman Barton apologized to him stating that the chairman of BP had Tony turn over the day-to-day responsibilities in the gulf to another person (it had been planned to happen at a later date but they pushed the date up when he made a lot of people angry at that hearing). I think they did the right thing. Obviously Tony doesn’t handle himself well in these situations and BP needs someone who can handle themselves with this situation right now.

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I notice that the state and local officials are constantly on TV and complaining. You have to wonder how come they are not busy cleaning up. If the BP CEO shouldn’t be at a yacht race then why should Obama be content golfing? I think the media needs to hold Obama to the same standard as BP CEO… but doesn’t.

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@bootonthroat bit different though…. I mean obama didnt make this mess and as president has other responsibilities to take care of besides it. The CEO fucker on the other hand did and that is pretty much his sole responsibility.

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@uberbatman Other responsibilities to take care of…. like golf? Last I looked unemployment was sky high—if the BP CEO should be spending 100% on oil-cleanup how can Obama golf so much with the disaster that is the American economy? My hypocrisydar is going off.

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