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Any good moderately easy songs to learn on acoustic guitar?

Asked by Yehekai (50points) June 19th, 2010

I would prefer a more modern song, but will take any responses i can get.


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Start with songs the have 3 chords. Those in the Keys of G, D and A will be the easiest.

Lots of old favourite folk songs require only three chords.

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Knockin on Heaven’s Door

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@Dr_Lawrence‘s ^ is a solid answer.

Smoke on the Water was mine.

I played it for a week straight, to the confused bewilderment of my parents – endless minute variation on seemingly simple progressions. Revel in timing.

Learn bar cords. Sit by the radio all day copping riffs of the music you like. Learn by ear.

Worship heroes, and tone.

Learn to sing with your hands, not learn songs.

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Nirvana has pretty easy songs.

Just so you know just because its accoustic does not mean it is different in the sense of tuning/theory.

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Anything by Green Day, or Radiohead – Creep.

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Jack Johnson has a lot of songs out there that I found to be easy. Like fall line, angel or caccoon. He sticks to basic chords on a lot of songs, but they still sound great. Try em out, they are what I started with.

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Try Seven Nation Army. It might sound like bass, but it’s an octave pedal so it’s pretty catchy and an easy song to learn. Maybe not your fresh out of the oven band, but definitely recent. Learn the rock anthem and become an acoustical 6-string deity!

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