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Ideas for having a great year as 25?

Asked by cornbird (1750points) June 20th, 2010

I have turned 25 today and I am making goals to enjoy my year as 25. Does anyone have any good ideas?

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Try to have a satisfying balance of work, fun, friendships and love. If you can achieve that, you will have a fulfilling life.

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What being 25 should mean will be different for everyone. Try to base your plans for this year on the goals you have defined for your life. The answers will come easier. (And if you haven’t defined those goals, you better start cracking)

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Happy Birthday!
Is there anything in particular you would like to do sooner than later? If so, start trying to make it happen. What will be enjoyable to you may be very different from what’s enjoyable to me, so I say just make plans to do the things you enjoy. If there is a particular band you’d like to see in concert, see if they are touring and make plans to go see them. If there’s a particular vacation you’ve been dying to go on, try to make it happen this year.

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Happy Birthday. Look inward. If there are things about yourself you think needs changed, then strive for that change this year. Be the best person you can be, to yourself and others. And always, always try to have a good time in life. It’s only here once.

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Use cash only. Throw away and avoid credit cards.

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Do what makes you happy.
Work hard and be kind to people.

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Remember that 25 is half of 50 and 50 is one-half 100. so, today this makes you a quarter of a century old. this was told to me when i turned 25 and i am just passing it on to you.

Happy Birthday! i DO hope your next 25 will be as blessed as your first. john

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laugh, love, cry, eat, read, sleep, have sex, breathe fresh air, decorate your place with things you make out of construction paper, act spontaneously, feel the grass under your bare feet, go to the beach, volunteer, and laugh some more.

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Learn to meditate if you haven’t already.

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Think about where you want to go, what you want to do in life. Make lists of things you want to do before you get too old to do them.

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@py sue that is what i do. I try to make a list on the day of my birthday and set goals that I want to accomplish before my next birthday. I do this everyear. @aprilsimnel Meditation is good advice to me and I will practice it this year. Thank you to everyone for the best wishes.

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