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Do Yorkies "smell bad"?

Asked by chasy (127points) June 20th, 2010

I have decided I want to get a Yorkie via a rescue and my friend is warning me that their skin smells bad, especially as they get older. She said hers is 75% Yorkie and her skin smells bad. Is this normal? Or is it a skin problem that’s relatively easy to clear up and care for?

EDIT: I just want to add that this will in no way sway me in my decision to get a Yorkie. I only want to be informed. I am thoroughly in love with the Yorkie breed. :^)

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De gustibus non desputandem est.

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@chasy Dogs smell! That’s just part of the deal. So if you want a Yorkie, then just go and get one, especially if it’s one from a shelter. I’m sure you’ll get a lovable one who’ll give you hours of pleasure.

All the best with your quest.

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I’ve known a few people with Yorkies and I’ve never heard that they smell particularly bad. Looking into it, it does seem to be a more prevalent problem than I expected. Several people suggest vinegar baths to cleans the skin, and it may be a bigger problem in Female yorkies. Perhaps you should smell your own potential Yorkie pal before bringing it home?

@Andreas In my opinion, smaller breeds tend to have a strange/offensive odor, especially as they age. To my nose, dogs above 60 lbs have the “real dog” smell (that comforting, warm, earthy, doggie smell.) And I’ve met several dogs who give off no readily detectable odor!

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What? Seriously? I’ve had a Yorkie for about six years now and shes particularly wonderful. No bad smells except when shes out in the hot sun, but don’t all dogs get a little hot-funky smell?
I’ve never heard of this.

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@chasy any dog will smell if you don’t bathe them on a regular basis! they require the treatment as you!

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Not in my experience. I adopted an older Yorkie when he was about 9-years-old and had him until he died at 13.

We bathed him in the sink regularly. Went to the groomers every couple of weeks. He smelled just fine. Like a clean dog.

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@dpworkin: She’s not planning to eat the little guy.

I’ve never met that dog that didn’t smell occasionally – when wet or after having rolled in something disgusting delicious.

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Yes. The damn things stink.

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We’ve had Yorkies for years! They don’t just stink because of their breed, they stink because they’re dogs. We have a good deal of property, and allow ours to run around outside quite often. They come back full of all sorts of smells from things they find outside! Like any dog, just bathe it regularly and your Yorkie should be fine!

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If this question were in Social, I would say:

“My dog has no nose.”
“How doe he smell?”

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Uhh no, they don’t smell any different than any other dog, at least not that i can tell

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They only smell bad if they have bad teeth (which many small dogs are prone to and which is completely preventable with regular veterinary cleanings) or if they have a skin infection, also treatable.

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I have had half a dozen of these dogs. They do not_smell bad! Not any more than any other dog and certainly _less since they are so small. What does make them smell might be their teeth (as someone said) because they do need to be cared for, brushed, etc. My dog was a rescue Yorkie and most of her teeth had to be pulled because she was so neglected. So, her breath is fine.

I have never had more wonderful (and wonderful smelling dogs)! I do not use that awful dog soap that smells like a kennel. I use naturally scented organic soap that won’t irritate her skin and then follow up with a spritz of Victoria’s Secret “Heavenly”. It lasts a good long while.

And please, if you are going to get a Yorkie…do NOT buy her from a shop. Do not buy her from a puppy mill breeder where they are stacked and kept in cages like chickens. It is really inhumane. Please consider getting a puppy that has been rescued by calling your national “Yorkie Rescue” service. Google it…or in USA “United Yorkie Rescue” is one of the agencies. So many Yorkies are abandoned by people who think they are just toys to play with——and then they get bored. So, consider getting a rescue. I did and they are so loving and happy to be with you!

If you insist on getting a puppy (non-rescue)...please make sure that it is a reputable AKC breeder.

Yorkies…rule! Good luck!

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Sorry to disagree with so many, but my mom’s Yorkie smells bad. The day after a bath and there is odor again. She is kind of old, but we really don’t know how old. I have a dog and I know dogs stink, but I have never experienced anything like that Yorkie.

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@Beta_Orionis I must admit Bessie, Anita’s shih-tsu, doesn’t have any smell that I can detect, and she’s now about 11-years-old. As you state, the bigger dogs DO tend to have that dog smell, but it’s almost “perfume” to their owners!

Thank you for your comment.

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@supacase…Then that dog should be checked for kidney or liver problems…especially if her teeth and breath are okay.

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Wow, thank you everyone for your answers! I usually like to reply to each individual answer but there’s so many here! I’ll just hit the main points:

1. I am planning on adopting a rescue Yorkie.
2. Thank you @Andreas for the well-wishes!
3. LOL @ @janbb—I noticed you posted your answer even though it’s NOT in the social section and that actually made me laugh even harder! ;^)
4. I was well aware that dogs DO stink so it’s no surprise to me that Yorkies would have normal doggy smell. My friend was insistent that they have a “different” bad smell but it sounds like even that varies from dog to dog and might even have to do with how healthy the dog is and how well it’s taken care of.

Thank you again, EVERYONE, for taking the time to answer my question! :^)

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@DarlingRhadamanthus She has been to the vet over and over – I swear that dog is better taken care of than my parents. The only thing they can find are allergies, so she is now on a special diet. The odor issue hasn’t changed. I think she is just an extra stinky dog and, as guilty as I feel, I avoid her.

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@Andreas No problem! I definitely understand the idea of dog-perfume. :)

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I dont know. We have 2 bichons; one smells the other one , the male, you’d almost have to MAKE him smell. But, sure; bathing should work. I cannot imagine anything smelling after a good sudsing. maybe I’ve been misled?

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we have a 1yr old female Yorkie. . She smells terrible even after a bath , when she goes outside. We wath her so I know she is not rolling in anything. She has a terrible odor after she goes outside and we can’t figure out what the reason is. Her anal glands are not stopped up, so we know that is not the promblem. They do smell tho!!

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I have the same problem with my 8 year yorkie female and the smell its like fishy I think his her annal glands. Taking her to the groomer real soon!!! I also have a 5 year old and she doesn’t smell bad.

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Thanks for all of the great advice, I hope I can get this yorkie to smelling a little better (for my husbands sake). And for the record if you get a chance to rescue a yorkie or any other dog from a puppy mill do it! They need to be recued too. It is not the puppies fault and by leaving them there they are being left in HELL ! Sometimes it takes more time and patience to save one of them babies then a rescue. Have a great day everyone ! :-)

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