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Anyone have a closed cervix while menstrating?

Asked by patricarni (1points) June 20th, 2010

I have had three leeps due to bad paps. The last one had complications and I was hospitalized. I came off of depo provera 6 mos ago. Because I was on depo for over 10 years I never had a full menstral period. For the past five days have had severe cramping, loss of appetite, headaches, naseau and consipation. My OBGYN office would not let me speak to my regular doc several times and put me in touch with another doc who did not know my history. So I called my primary doc who said I should go to the emergency room to get a sonogram. The sono showed that I was menstruating with blocked cervix. They released me saying it was not an emergency procedure, gave me ibuprofen and told me to call doc ofc on Monday. Anyone ever have this?

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I know nothing abut this particular condition, but I do know that blood can be very irritating and that might be causing some of your discomfort along with regular cramping. Are you sure you are completley closed? Have you tried a tampon to have a more accurate look at wether you are bleeding or not? I have been told I have a very tight cervix, a small opening, and I have always wondered if that might be why my periods last so long, usually 7 days.

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A closed cervix is normal during most of the menstrual cycle.

“During most of the menstrual cycle, the cervix remains firm, like the tip of the nose, and is positioned low and closed.”

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