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Why are these cheese balls turning blue?

Asked by john65pennington (29253points) June 20th, 2010

Mozzaralla balls made in Germany for Rome, Italy. 70,000 of these cheese balls have been confiscated, after Italian Police received numerous complaints that “the white balls turned blue when opened and exposed to the air”. several ball samples have been sent to a laboratory for tests. Question: did you know that Italy does not require a contents label on any sold dairy product, except milk? makes one wonder what’s really inside those tainted cheese balls. hidden drugs, maybe?

Source: Associated Press, 6–20-10

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Lack of sex?

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so John, you got the “blue balls!” Oh, the cheese…I just always cut that part off! Don’t really know what causes probably are correct, oxygen is causing the color change! You can always google it !

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where i come from, caused by too much sex!

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Probably mold would be my guess.

Does the term “Bleu Cheese” ring any bells here ? That’s a fancy way of saying blue cheese and in that case it’s intentional as they innoculate it with mold cultures.

With these others, not so much.

When bread gets moldy it has a bluish cast to it, so…...

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Maybe Roquefort in disguise!

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Don’t it make my cheese balls blue!

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