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What is the Best Brand of Coffee Ever?

Asked by Aster (19292points) June 20th, 2010

I love Dunkin Donuts Dark Roast with hazelnut creamer.

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blue bottle

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I don’t know about best brand ever, but I’ve yet to be displeased with Caribou Coffee.

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Tim Hortons. And lurve to the first person who knows why there’s no apostrophe in the name, without using Google or Wikipedia or some other internet resource. The coffee is terrific, especially for those of us who want coffee and not super strong jet fuel. (This is how I think of the coffee at Starbucks, et al.)

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I don’t drink coffee ever honeys but reading the title of this question just gave me lovely images from days gone by of a certain gorgeous Englishman who captured my heart long before he bumped into Buffy in the library <sighs> to this day i always keep a jar of Nescafe Gold Blend in the kitchen… you never know he might pop by some day….. :-)

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Various small reserve Kona Peaberry

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@Aster I am with you- it seems silly, but it is soooo good! I tried some other hazelnut coffees and they just didn’t compare. Dunkin is doing something right with their coffee….

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Coffee made with kupi luwak (ie coffee beans that have been eaten by Paradoxurus hermaphroditus and passed out in its poo)

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cafe Bustelo

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I really like Trader Joe’s coffee. Just like the name its smooth and mellow.

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Of all the coffees I’ve tried (and I’ve never had the monkey poo coffee, sadly enough), my favorite is the Sumatra Mandheling Organic French Roast from a small, local coffee shop that roasts beans themselves every day. Oh my God. To die for.

However, since it’s just so much easier to buy coffee when I’m at the grocery store I don’t often go to the coffee shop. Parking downtown can be a challenge, and I usually have the kids with me. At the store, I buy Starbuck’s French Roast. I get the whole beans and grind them myself just before brewing. I’ve tried a couple of other French Roasts that are also good, like Peet’s, but Starbucks is my favorite. I can’t drink the coffee Starbuck’s makes in its coffee shops, but when I make it myself it is so very yummy.

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Best cup of coffee out there does not come from Starbucks. i am talking about regular brewed coffee and not that candy, syrupy stuff that some people drink. the best bought- out coffee comes from Dunkin Doughnuts. 2nd best is Cracker Barrel and 3rd best is brewed at home. its Colombian coffee bought at Kroger stores and made with real spring water. the smell of the brew drives you crazy. this is Kroger’s own brand of Colombian coffee in the gold and brown cans.

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Our Kroger closed.
I get Dunkin Donuts coffee at Walmart. I’ve never had it at a donut shop!

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cappuccino by private baldrick…

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