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Why isn't avocado oil more widely used in cooking?

Asked by gorillapaws (26491points) June 20th, 2010

I just recently found out about all of the cool properties of avocado oil. It’s on par with olive-oil in terms of heath, but unlike olive-oil it has a really high smoke-point which means its better for cooking.

This begs the question, why isn’t this more ubiquitous? Is it simply a cost issue? Are there negatives to cooking with avocado oil that I’m unaware of?

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Too expensive, very fattening.

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I’d probably kill my birds just by cooking with it.

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@ZEPHYRA How is it more fattening than other oils?

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@ZEPHYRA I was under the impression that it’s much more heathy than most other oils (it has the “good fats”). Perhaps I was misinformed?

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It is fairly pricey, but not more so than really good olive oil.

I asked the chef here at the farm and he said it cooks about the same as olive oil. So that’s not it.

I asked the head farmer and he said that while the avocado crop is more plentiful in the US and Mexico than the olive crop, most avocados are allocated for direct sale as whole fruit. They’re more profitable sold as fruit than processed into oil. This is why the oil is pricey.

So I asked the grocery manager (we carry these awesome avocado oil potato chips), and he seems to think it just hasn’t caught on yet with chefs and cooks.

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I think many people buy into the “it’s too fattening” scenario. I agree that most of the select crop is sold as whole fruit but there are many seconds and bruised that could be used for oil.

I have a friend who won’t eat them because they are too fattening but he has no problems having an ice cream for dessert????

I love them, here there are bill boards that say ” ‘ave an avo instead of butter.” I like them halved and filled with tomato, tuna and vinagarette dressing.

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I recently bought some, and haven’t used it much. The flavor is… well, not much. So, expensive and subtle (read bland)... I’m not surprised it hasn’‘t much of a market.

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I have some in my kitchen I have never used, but now I will.
Another interesting oil to cook with is coconut oil, that has gotten a bad rap, but turns out to be good for you after all…

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I would imagine it’s too expensive, and people are more likely to want fresh whole avocados.

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