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Something your pets do that makes you laugh?

Asked by ucme (46853points) June 20th, 2010

Yeah my dog Penny she does cute & adorable, all the wuvely tings that any self respecting dog should do.Aside from having the woof factor though she also has me laughing out loud sometimes.Just a look (you have to be there) or the way she plays with her doggie treats as if they are alive or something, pawing them throwing them in the air etc.So yeah, what do your furry/feathered friends do to make you chuckle?

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My dog bites the water from the hose or the sprinkler. She growls, attacks the water, bites it and retreats. Repeat over and over until I have to turn it off. It is hours of entertainment for me.
I really need to get a job.

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Sasha, in my avatar, tends to get herself into odd places… like all the way up on the cabinets in the kitchen, or she’ll hide behind some books on a shelf and meow, but I won’t be able to see her. She’s also oddly very good at catching her toys (she’ll stand up on her back legs and catch the toy in the air, strange for a cat to do and it always puts a smile on my face). Sasha and her brother make me laugh in a “did you really do that” kinda way!

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When I get up , the female stands on her hind legs to be petted which is normal, but then she Always turns all the way around on said hind legs so I’ll rub her tummy while she licks me to death.
When she wants to go potty outside she’ll whimper non-stop then, if I still don’t get up to let her out, she’ll bulge her eyes out at me like she’s going to explode!! When the male wants to play “fetch” he’ll drop a toy at my feet. Then if I ignore it, he’ll pick it up and find a place for it on my chair as if to say, “can you see it NOW?”

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My dog sits on my chest as I watch movies (he’s a Yorkie) and completely blocks my view! Obnoxious, but I laugh every time!

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When my dog wants something, she’s too big to climb into my lap for attention but she will sit on the floor beside me and rest her chin in my lap, and look up at me with those to-die-for brown eyes.

Also after I’ve fed her, she will wait an hour or so then she will go to my partner or my daughter and pretend that she’s not been fed (begging, going to her bowl, etc). We’ve learned that whoever feeds her should announce it to the rest of the family, just so they know not to fall for that big brown eyes trick.

When I was a kid we had a shih-tzu that my mum had taught to “roll over” for a treat. This dog got so fast at doing roll-overs that she would literally spring off her feet,do a barrel-roll in the air and land back on her feet again, in about one second.

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I think it’s funny when my parrot tells the cockatoo to shut up and follows it up with, “Stupid bird.”

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Ellie’s dog Jake will just randomly start chasing his tail when he’s bored, usually in someone’s way. And if you blow air on his nose, he tries to bite the air.

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My dog used to say Uh Huh when I say “Do you love me?” and knocks over any garbage receptacle.

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My havanese is usually pretty chill (sleeps a lot). Couple times of day though, she’ll perk up for no apparent reason and run full steam from one end of the house to the other – about six, seven times in a row.

Then quietly lay back down in the original spot and fall back to sleep.

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My cats love to drink from my kitchen sink. One of them is really particular and will only drink out of the faucet, and he will cry if I don’t turn it on for him. If he MUST drink from the bowl, he will only do so with his paws.. he won’t actually lap from the dish. But every now and then all 3 cats will hop up on the sink, and take turns drinking from the faucet. The funny part is when my biggest cat sits IN the sink, and lets the water run off of his head.. then he will try to “catch” it as it drips from his ears. He literally chases the water around in the sink. Makes a HUGE wet mess of my kitchen, but it’s absolutely hysterical to watch.

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My dog, Buddy, (don’t worry, not the one in the avatar – that’s just some random pic off the net) will find this green, ring-shaped chew toy when we say “Go get your ring!” in the right tone of voice. Then, every few weeks, when somebody new comes to visit, he will go absolutely insane. He’ll just run as fast as possible from one end of the house to the other about 10 times, then do figure-eights around somebody’s legs. It’s especially funny when the person coming over has a skirt on (since he’s trying to do figure-eights around their legs). He’s a Shih-tzu/Pomeranian/Cairn Terrier mix, 7 months old, and about 12 pounds.

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My cat is gone now, but she used to jump up and take off running from a dead sit still, as if to say “My muffing are burning!.”

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My cat is hilarious when she chases bugs because she is so FAT.

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@ubersiren : that made ME laugh… i don’t know why it just actually made me laugh out loud.

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My greyhound saw his reflection for the first time in a full-length mirror that was mounted on the back door of the efficiency apartment we were staying in in Tennessee.

He thought it was another dog, and his ears went up and his tail was wagging, and he went nose-to-nose with his reflection in the mirror, and then gave a little “Do you want to play woof?” I was afraid he would run right into the mirror, but I was laughing too hard to grab him.

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My chiwiener Jack is so weird. If you come at him slowly and hold your hands out like you’re going to get him, he’ll strike a pose that seems to say “If I’m still, they won’t see me”. If you get close enough, he’ll bolt. Which is even funnier because he’s a fat dog. The one that’s really funny is when I lay face down on the floor really still with my arms crossed, he’ll coem check to see if I’m alive. I love that fat little puppy. :)

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For some odd reason, whenever my dog gets really tired, she sticks out her tongue. It also sticks out while she’s sleeping. It’s pretty cute. :)

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My dog seems to know when someone doesn’t like him and he eases his way bit by bit nearer the by doing a low crawl. When they look at him he lays still and looks away like he’s trying to say he isn’t doing anything. It cracks me up how many times this seems to work. People who don’t like dogs eventually give into him and let him get near them. With enough time he even has gotten a few of them to let him lay on their lap. When I try to shoo him the say no and its ok and they will pet him.
There apparently isn’t enough love in the world for him. He’s a maltese. I even had a relative that hated dogs and especially little dogs and now he wants to have a dog just like him. Whenever he calls, he always ask how the dog is doing.

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@Pandora that’s really funny! lol

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One of the dogs knows when it is feed time. If we are just a few minutes late, she will put her paw in her bowl and start dragging it around the kitchen, making as much noise as she is able, to gain attention,, and remind us what time is it.
When we start to put the food in their bowls, the other dog will begin running round in circles until we actually serve the food.

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My dog, Piccolo, eats his food from his food dish like a geometry assignment. He will approach the full bowl, use his nose to draw a line (north to south) and eat all food west of the line. Sometime he will then eat the food on the east side. Other times he will save this perfect half (literally perfect, with a line going down the bowl) for later. We have also caught him hoarding little things from around the house (like beads) in a perfect line in the back of his crate.

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@jenandcolin That reminded me of the dog I used to have. She lined up her toys in either a perfect line on the floor, or in a perfect triangle. It was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. If I moved one of them out of line, she would put it back.

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@cprevite My bichon frise does the same thing! I wonder if it is breed-related, since the havanese is related to the bichon frise.

My bichon Minnie has a habit of suddenly flinging her bone over her shoulder after she’s been chewing for a while. Then she gets a smug expression on her face like, “Made you look!”

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@Dr_Dredd: I didn’t know the bichon and havanese were related. That might be it.

It’s particularly funny when the wood floors are recently buffed. Zzzziiiinnng.

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@cprevite Don’t you think that’s a little cruel? ::shaking head::

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@cprevite Yeah, the full name of the havanese is actually bichon havanese.

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@chyna: Well it’s not like I’m making her buff the floors. I’m doing all the hard work. :^)

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@cprevite Yeah, but not because you want nice floors, you just want to watch the dog wipe out. It’s for your entertainment value.

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@chyna: not true. I’m a clean freak – floors are often buffed.

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Our rabbit will bring us his brush and drop it at your feet when he wants to be brushed! He’s a cutie!

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@Cruiser that really IS cute!

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I was watching Spider-Man 3 last night and during the part where the police chief’s daughter is sliding off the building my parrot, Zoey, started screaming along with her.

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@mrentropy My dog would start sniffing the screen and speakers, trying to find where the poor girl is. Don’t know what he would do if he found the girl, being that he’s about 12 pounds….

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@ChocolateReigns What I found funny is how she was doing her ‘fake’ scream. The woman would scream then Zoey would go, “Aaahhhhh!” Then the movie lady would scream again and Zoey would go, “Aahhhh!” Hard to describe in words.

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I could be here all day with Zoey stories. One time I had her on my shoulder and was slicing a tomato.

Zoey: Apple
Me: No, this is a tomato.
Zoey: Apple
Me: No, tomato.
Zoey: Apple
Me: Tomato
Zoey: Apple!
Me: No, it’s a tomato!
[few seconds of silence]
Zoey: [very quietly] apple

My wife laughed so hard at that one.

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When the female and male are eating out of the same plastic container, the male often gets sick of it , picks it up in his mouth and carries it into the hallway. The girl dog just looks at him.

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