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Do You Jog in 98 Degree Weather and Is it Healthy?

Asked by Aster (19954points) June 20th, 2010

I think it’s inviting a fainting spell or heart attack but am I mistaken? Is jogging good in Any temp?

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In Oregon, USA, any degree above about 75 doesn’t honestly exist. So, I don’t know what it’s like!

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yes its healthy
just make sure you drink LOTS of water :)

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@veganforlife420 That’d make sense. Dehydration is the worst when jogging/running!

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As long as you are hydrated. Try adding salt and lemon juice to water, and drink that.

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yes lemon in water helps to

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@Facade & @veganforlife420 doesn’t lemon water also help to control a hungry appetite? Not that I have a problem with that, being incredibly thin! Just curious if I’ve got my facts straight.

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It never gets that hot here (England). Well it does, once in a blue moon. And if it does, it makes national news.

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No but I boil my food in water that hot.

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No, I get heat stroke REALLY easily, so I just avoid doing stuff in those temperatures.

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I live in the tropics, even in the dead of “winter” it is in the 90’s at lunch when I usually run. And in the summer, often hotter. I love it, it makes my muscles feel so loose and easy and I feel great after working up a good sweat. I recently spent 2 weeks in a much colder climate and it just about killed me, my body felt so tight and stiff, I had to run for a half hour or so before I started to feel warm!

I do drink plenty of water but can’t help but remember when we were kids and would play in the heat for hours on end with no hydrating except an occasion slurp from a yukky tasting garden hose, and here I am at 65 to tell the tale and still running and playing too!

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