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Is it possible to tattoo over scar tissue?

Asked by sunyata_rakshasa (350points) June 20th, 2010

Hypothetical scenario

some one got a brand scar in collage and wants to get a sleeve done on the same arm, would the ink take?

or if some one had a cut scar, same question, would the ink take?

if so how well would it take, and are there any tattoo artists that specialize in such cases?

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Yes. Scars are capable of holding the ink. It’s just the scar tissue is much tougher than other skin and it will also hurt more.

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Yes of course.

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Yes, scar tissue will take tattoos, but I think most reputable tattoo artists would recommend against it. My own tattoo artist told me he would hesitate to tattoo over scar tissue and would prefer not to.

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One of my soldiers from Vietnam had his left arm badly scarred in a firefight. When he got back to the states, he had a really excellent tattoo artist in San Francisco incorporate the scars into a full-arm tattoo. It’s awesome! Since some of the scar tissue was higher than the surrounding skin, it looks like the tattoo is 3D… almost jumps off his arm at you! : D

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I think a lot of them warn against it. I wanted to get one to cover up some scars, but I’m not sure how well that’d work out.

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There have also been cancer survivors who have incorporated their mastectomy scars into some very beautiful art pieces.

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Most artists will NOT tattoo over scar tissues or any skin abnormality including moles, scars, burns or any skin conditions. The reason is not that the sknin won’t take the ink, because the ink is forced in by needles but there is a good chance that the artwork won’t turn out to look right. When you ask a good artist to do something that they are questionable about, they will tell you no because their reputation is going into that piece. If it looks messed up or ugly, people are going to see it and question their work. Some moles end up having to be removed which messes up artwork that’s over it and scars become raised and conture lines to make the tattoo look abnormal. Because most artists work comes
from word of mouth, it can cause problems for them. It’s just too risky. Most can work around it though and male your tattoo look good without going over the scar itself.

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When my husband and I got tattoos (not too long ago) the artist was telling me he covers up c-section scars all the time. I was baffled by that since the skin still hurts or has a tingling sensation to me..I can’t imagine tattooing it! But, yes it’s possible.

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@Randy I agree that tattoos should never be done over a mole; in some cases that could potentially cause a spread of skin cancer. Also they should stay away from diseased skin. A well healed scar though is safe to tattoo onto, although you’re correct that it won’t take ink the same way as regular skin, so knowledgeable tattoo artists will take this into account and design the tattoo to work with the scar.

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It would take but most tattoo artist wont go over scar tissuie unless you tell them with like a wiritten letter or something.

They’re hella picky like that.

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