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How's your fantasy life?

Asked by syz (35647points) June 20th, 2010

I spend the last few moments before sleeping working on my interior story-line, almost like writing a book in my head. Am I alone in this, or do you have running/ongoing fantasies too? Do you consider day dreaming healthy, or is it a waste of time?

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Dreaming, day or otherwise, is never a waste.

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Very vivid. I do have long running fantasies and remember having them as a child.

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I daydream about extravagant property. My enabler is website “floor-plan porn” – photos and floor-plans of Manhattan’s most expensive apartments, and Dutchess County’s finest estates. I spend hours redecorating, renovating, haggling with imaginary architects and contractors, and purchasing Colonial period furniture from imaginary Sothebys auctions.

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Before I go to bed I imagine I am in a jungle, equipped with sniper gear, rescuing a pretty girl as we head towards a helicopter for safety.

In the daytime I imagine that I have a great work to do that is so important that I am able to use all of my talents and energies. I am reading John Adams by David McCullough. I am at a part where John Adams says, “My face is grown pale, my eyes weak and inflamed, my nerves tremulous, my mind as weak as water.” This happened because of the great and demanding work he did, and it started to take a toll on his body and mind. It was a noble cause. In my fantasy life, I too, have a noble cause. Alas, my trial is idleness and boredom.

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@dpworkin Whenever I have a really good dream, it’s always about a new, amazing apartment!

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Do sexual fantasies count?

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Sexual fantasies count double.

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My fantasy life isn’t very different from what I’m living right now. In my fantasy life, I have doughnuts on sunday mornings, weigh twenty pounds less, and can run without losing my breath.
Oh, and am amazingly tan / live in Canada. But who doesn’t want these things? ;P

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I don’t have muck of a fantasy life, but I never have been a Cubs fan.

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I guess that my fantasies were not ambitious enough. Most of them had been realized by about a year ago; now life is on the down side of the curve. Just looking for enough achievable goals to justify my existence. Fantasy is now limited to “what if” scenarios in the past.

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I fantasize about my husband coming home from Iraq, about us having more children, and moving to our next duty assignment (hoping for England). I also fantasize about our retirement home when he retires from the military (right now we are planning to move to Maine) and about all the exciting adventures we’ll have with our children along the way.

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My biggest fantasy is one in which I’m a character in the Star Wars universe – sometimes a pre-existing character, sometimes one of my own creation.

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@dpworkin Link please? That sounds like some seriously awesome porn.

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Rich, vivid, flourishing and a universe all of its own!

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It keeps the mind sharp, allows yourself to imagine different possibilities, and can take your mind off of things that are stressing you out.

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Why were some of the answers here removed without explanations?

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They might’ve been not appropriate and removed by the asker or mods. I don’t who handles that now.

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I suppose being a Bruins fan counts as something of a fantasy life.

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Extremely active, but rather boring. I’ve mentioned before that my brain is never quiet, so it’s always imagining something… but it’s usually something mundane. Boo. :(

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Like @augustlan, mainly.

Diverse sexual fantasies (but I did not say that!)

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[Mod says]: @MissA No remarks were removed.

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All is well ;) giggles

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Freaking unbelievable! ;)

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Yeah, but what about the ones you stole out of my head?

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Fragmented. I have a really nice one in there right now (after-work party by way of crazy awesome sci-fi, no doubt indicative of a repressed desire for a crazy awesome after-work party), but I can’t seem to focus on it very well. I think that my job is stifling my creativity, or else it’s run its course. :\

For a while, I had a real long-runner that I actually worked on and wrote down during International Marketing. Flying ships and high adventure, steampunk and exploration. And since this was during a business class, the main character was, among other things, a trader. Heavily influenced by Miyazaki and Asimov and a smidgen of Niven.

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Yep, I was writing a book in my head too.

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