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Can you buy firecrackers and bottle rockets near Vancouver wash?

Asked by badbird (2points) June 21st, 2010

Or is the Indian reservations the only places. Im lookin to make a trip and want to go to the best places.

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For local information, contact the Vancouver Sun

Remember that it is possible to buy fireworks that are not legal to set off. Be sure the fireworks you use are allowed where you are. Some kids in San Diego though that since they could legally purchase fireworks on the Indian reservation, that meant they could take them back home and use them – They found out it is not true, and lost several hundred dollars of fireworks confiscated.

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Head to the reservation. I live in Portland. The best we can get is a sparkler that makes a crackle sound.

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Only on indian reservations.

What YARNLADY says is true. To be legal, you need to find out where it’s legal to set them off too.

Of course, what’s generally done is to set them off illegally but not so conspicuously that you get raided by the police.

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