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How can I make my hair not so damaged?

Asked by xStarlightx (416points) June 21st, 2010

So a while ago I got my hair permed and it got all dry so I cut it off I’d say a little over two weeks ago.

I want to redye it because its starting to look all golden and brown and that doesn’t look good with my skin tone/ eye color.

I also want it to grow out a lot more before the middle of July.

Is there anything I should be doing?
I take vitamin E pills too.

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Consult a high-end hairdresser for advice on restoring your hair to better health. Using better hair care products and avoiding damaging things like high temperature irons and hair dryers may be part of the solution. Changes in diet may also contribute to healthier hair.

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Hair is dead, so there is nothing that can be consumed that will repair it. There are plenty of recommendations by people on the internet for helping dry hair like safflower oil, mayonnaise, deep conditioners, etc.

If you want to plan to dye your hair, my suggestion is to go to a professional. A permanent dye will only dry it out more. I’d think they could use some type of temporary color that wouldn’t be as damaging.

Hair grows about ½ an inch per month, so don’t bank on it getting much longer in the next 3 weeks.

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Unfortunately, you can’t repair it. You can take steps to make it LOOK healthier, but these are only temporary fixes. And nothing quite replicates truly healthy hair. If you would like to grow your hair long you should invest in regular trims. In the meanwhile, I agree with the answers above in consulting with a professional. They will be able to help you achieve the results you want in such a short time frame than you’ll be able to do at home. You say that you had your hair cut after your perm, however I suspect the dryness you’re experiencing now is still a result of damage from that specific process. Perming leaves your hair very weak and brittle, and dying it at home could end up being quite disastrous. It’s hard to really judge without actually seeing your hair, but I think you should definitely take this one to the salon. Better safe than sorry, eh? Best of luck to you :)

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I used to get a really good conditioner and then after washing my hair, liberally apply the good conditioner. Then I would wrap my hair in foil and leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse the conditioner out. My sister, a hairdresser, called it a deep conditioning treatment. I guess in the beauty shop they would put you under a hair dryer, but they didn’t use foil when they do a deep conditioning treatment. I would do this once every couple months and I really thought it helped. My husband enjoyed it because he would tease me mercilessly about my “foil hat”.

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I would invest in two things:

1. A session at the best salon with the best colourist/hairdresser possible even if you have to travel to a larger city to do it. They can advise you the best. Don’t scrimp on this one thing to save your hair. If all you can do is afford one session, that’s fine. Do it and get advice from them as to how to keep your hair in tip-top shape.

2. Invest in is a “heating cap”. This is an electric cap that heats up (like an electric blanket, but it looks like a shower cap) that will allow you to use deep conditioners to penetrate your hair properly. They are not that expensive and really do the job better than a hair dryer when using conditioners.

Good luck!

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So they’re not sponsoring me to do this or anything, but Aveeno Nourish hair care products made my hair look much healthier.

I used to get highlights done at the salon all the time. Then I got lazy and scrimped and bought hair dye that I could do at home, and I seriously, seriously ruined my hair. I lost clumps of hair after I got out of the shower and the ends were dry and brittle. All the conditioners and shampoos I was using didn’t work, until Aveeno.

I still curl my hair a lot of the time, and on occasion I still do dye my hair, but I go to the salon, and I still use Aveeno for damaged and dry hair. I think it’s the one with blue letters. Anyway, after a few uses, I could feel and see a difference, so maybe it’ll work for you too?

Good luck! :)

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There are many methods to treat your hair and bring it back to its normal shine and beauty. Here are some natural remedies to take care of your hair:
Best remedy for dry hair is the application of hair packs. One of them is with mayonnaise. Keep the mayonnaise on the hair and scalp for 15 to 30 minutes. Application of egg, mashed avocados and banana would also help in improving hair condition. Wash and rinse the hair thoroughly after the application of the hair pack.
For normal hair care, grind orange and lime peel and mix with water and apply it to the hair, it is beneficial for all types of hair.
Massage your scalp quite often. Use cold air first and then hot air when blow drying your hair. Avoid dyeing your hair as much as you can.
You can get more details on natural hair care at:

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