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What is the science behind how sunshine affects depression? I get way down in the winter and even more so when it is overcast and hazy.

Asked by cornman (737points) March 17th, 2008 from iPhone
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It’s called light Therapy, and it seems taht sun is very important for some people to feel good and avoid depression. Here is a link from Wikip├ędia.

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Since the Sun is an abstract noun, it is not real. Therefore you are hallucinating in the Summer and in the Winter the real boring you comes out. You are a real downer dude!

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Eat a bag of ass trainerboy!

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JK. Love ya.

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I just read about that. Thanks guys. How do I simulate the sunshine? Tanning bed?

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you may have heard of it called cabin fever they do make lights for the problem google it

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you should paint your room yellow and call it a day.

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I know you do cornman but we still can only be friends. Its not you, its me.

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And our wives woudl protest.

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