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I am throwing my boyfriend a surprise birthday party and need some ideas for mixed drinks.?

Asked by anietfeld (37points) June 21st, 2010

My boyfriend will be turning 23 here soon and I decided to invite some of his old friends back from home to surprise him for his birthday. There will be about 12 guests (mostly guys). Everyone is bringing beer and I decided I would like to serve a mixed drink. I do not like the taste of strong alcohol and would like something fruity. I usually drink flavored smirnoff wine coolers just to give you an idea of what i like. Thanks for your help!

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A friend made this for me last summer. I don’t know what they’re called, but on a lovely hot day they’re really refreshing. Take a glass and fill it up to the very top with ice. Add lots (about ¾) of cranberry juice (from a cartoon will be fine) then add white wine. Sip slowly, its soooooooooooooooo nice :-) The other version is made exactly the same, but replace cranberry juice with blueberry juice, this is a little sweeter but just as delicious. Try out some fun ideas of your own, pineapple juice? whatever you fancy really. Why not pop some berries in? adapt the idea and make a punch? Enjoy the party,
hugs xx

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Cranapple juice and red grapefruit juice, with vodka and ice.

Or, make a vodka punch with orange sherbert, 7 up, hawaiian punch, vodka, and orange slices to make it pretty.

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Green monster energy drink and grape vodka…..awsome!

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Thanks everyone, these are some great ideas and I will try them all :)

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Hurricanes are pretty fruity.

I love Malibu’s Coconut Rum and Hawaiian Punch Lemon Berry squeeze. You should try that! See if you like it first, have a splash of rum and add hawaiian punch lemon berry squeeze and mix. Very simple and cheap!

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Brass Monkey = ½ beer ½ orange juice.

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I would prepare some sangria instead of a mixed liquor drink. It’s perfect for large groups, keeps well and also is very very easy on the hostess since it’s served like a punch.

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Seconding @gemiwing on the sangria, especially since you can then mix in that bottle of wine that needs to be finished off. Plus, it doesn’t seem cheap, just summery, and you can dress it up a bit by adding club soda to make it sparkling.

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Third on the sangria.

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I don’t think of beer drinkers as going for Sangria, but if you do choose to make Sangria, I have bought sangria in a box, and then you add your own fruit, and it always goes over well. Not sure how old you are, but I recently went to a graduation party and the host served sangria, and the younger people weren’t very into it. American kids mostly.

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The age group will be between 21–25

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Some maracuja sirup, dash of lemon juice, bitter lemon, some ice cubes—> great, albeit non alcoholic drink.

Bowle: different fruit (i.e. strawberries, blueberries, melon) chopped into dices, some sugar, white wine, sparkling mineral water, maybe some champagne or cheaper version, add some mint, leave for a while… can be varied in strength, and take care with eating the fruit! ;oP

Also nice, but not a drink: Take a water melon, drill a hole, fill step by step with rum (or similar), let it absorb, add some more, repeat… Great fun for parties… don’t let anyone drive home after that though…


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@anietfeld I say punch for that age group. I think there was once a punch question. I gave you a recipe above, I’ll see if I can find that older Q. The watermellon idea @djlagaffe provided is an oldie but a goodie.

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ok great! I am going to try the punch recipe you gave me :) That sounds really good and easy to make. Does the watermellon add a lot of flavor to the rum? I don’t really like to drink straight liquor

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Smirnoff coolers are pretty awful, quite frankly, but given that this is a birthday party, I would suggest frozen drinks. You need a blender, some rum or tequila, some ice and some frozen fruit. They typical recipe is 2 shots of rum, a large handful of frozen strawberries and a medium handful of ice, blend until smooth. Since you’re using basically just fresh-frozen fruit and alcohol, it’s a pretty healthy drink, and it’s festive and tasty. Frozen blueberries are also good.

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Mohito! You can use fresh mint too! Perfect Summer beverage….mmmm widh I could have one now.

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Yeah, frozen is a good idea. You can buy drink mixes for Margaritas, Daquiri’s and more at the liquor store, and I know last year Bed Bath and Beyond had the mixes also.

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@anietfeld I’m just curious. Had you ever heard of Sangria before this Q?

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The melon will add taste, but you’ll certainly also taste the liquor… here’s a link on how to do it, but it’s with Vodka in this example:

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Can you find out what the people attending the party like to drink, if it is something other than beer? They are making the effort to attend the party, and they will surely appreciate your effort to have their drink of choice on hand.

If you want to limit the choice of liquor to one type, I’d go with vodka and have plenty of sodas, juices and garnishes on hand. You could also offer a champagne toast to your SO or a quality cognac or port.

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Sex On The Beach!

•⅔ oz. Schnapps, peach
•1⅓ oz. Vodka
•1⅓ oz. Cranberry Juice
•1⅓ oz. Orange Juice

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I would go with a Tequila Sunrise – tequila, orange juice, genadine layered in a glass, or a Fuzzy Navel, which is equal parts peach schnapps and orange juice. A Seabreeze is also good, and can be mixed up by the pitcher— 1 part each vodka and grapefruit juice, 2 parts cranberry juice.

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JLeslie- I think I have heard of a Sangria but I never really knew what it was.

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@anietfeld Yeah, that is what I guessed. When the person I know made it for the graduation party, I figured the young people there would not be familiar with it, and that was the case, and so they did not really enjoy it. The Tequila Sunrise sounds good too. You have lots of great suggestions. :) Have a fun party.

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vodka mixed with sake’

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Thanks JLeslie :)

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