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What is the worst most repugnant food/drink you have ever had in your mouth?

Asked by ucme (50031points) June 21st, 2010

I didn’t say eaten because I presume whatever foul concoction was probably spat out.So yeah give me some food frights or some disaster drinks that you have “almost” had.

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Bad, raw clam.

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I think sauerkraut is pretty disgusting and I’ve spit out lamb quite a few times.

Years ago my doctor gave me something to drink – I can’t remember what it was for, but it was the most vile tasting crap on the planet. It tasted like acid and for about a week I had to drink a couple of table spoons, twice a day. I’d rather eat sauerkraut stuffed lamb than that shit again.

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IMO, chitlins (or chitterlings, if we’re going to be proper). Ugh.

I was about 6, and my guardian made some because she thought she was losing touch with her roots or something, and as she cooked them, the house began to smell absolutely rank. She baked up a bucketful and invited people over for the feast. They were happy to eat that stuff, but I wasn’t.

I refused to eat any of it until threatened with a whupping, so I tried to force down one piece. So nast! I threw it up right at table, and later, the story went that I’d turned green first. I’ve been in places since where chitlins have been served and I will not touch the stuff.

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Tripe OMG the smell!!!! My Grandmother loved it. She told me that it was eaten a lot during the war because of everything being rationed, it was available and because “hunger makes good kitchen, hen” I remember her cooking it once, many years ago and the entire house absolutely stank for hours afterwards. <shudder> God willing I’m never that hungry. Has anyone else tried it?

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baker’s chocolate!! i thought it was regular chocolate…

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@bunnygrl Tripe no but two examples for me would have to be the evil that is black pudding, barf. The second was served to me only once at school.Bread & butter pudding.I thought, against my better judgement, i’d give it a try.Well let’s just say the kids on my table & beyond were showered in the vile stuff plus sprayed with a little custard.Never again, shudders :¬(

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Anchovies takes first place.
Coffee takes second place. I know, I’m in the minority with this answer.

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Lamb’s brain.

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@ucme oh god!! you’re so right about black pudding <shudder>. I remember being told by another girl at school what it’s made of, and I just didn’t believe her. No one could eat it if that was true, could they? so I went home and asked my Grandmother and she told me how it was made and I was actually sick.

I’ve never tried bread and butter pudding, but I have seen it made on “come dine with me” I think it was and I remember thinking yuck in capital letters it just made me feel eeeewwwwk <shudders some more>

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ummm..would have to agree with @chyna! But, i like my coffee!

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@cprevite What? Ewe flocking kidding me right? Baaaad food.

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@ucme: lol. ‘Fraid not – it was my first Easter with my girlfriend’s family. She said they were having lamb. I love lamb. Little did I know it was the whole lamb. I didn’t want to be rude.

I did pass on the eyeball however.

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Okay, it didn’t go in MY mouth, but it’s a horror story of my childhood I’ll never forget…

I was likely 7 or 8 years old and it was Thanksgiving. I LOVE Thanksgiving at my Grandparents. My Grandma is your picture-perfect Grandmother, her house, cooking, crafts, goodies, everything is like something you would read out of a book.

Well, I was helping her prepare dinner and when she took the Turkey out of the oven I noticed some weird reddish black chunks by the turkey. Being curious I pointed them out asking what they were.. my Grandma’s response: “Oh, that’s just the heart and liver!” then proceeded to pop one in her mouth… okay I’m gagging again!

I never ever looked at my Grandma the same again, haha! She will still poke fun at me for this ^.^

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@HeatherGrace Did she have some fava beans with that, washed down with a nice chianti? Thh thhh thhh thhh ;¬}

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Drink: Scotch.
Food: Beets.

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Where my aspies at?

Ultra thin rice noodles in a runny egg broth. I can’t describe the nastiness level… it was an eleven.

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Escargot. The texture? It felt like I was chewing on someone’s bottom lip.

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Mistook a cup of cooking oil for a cup of apple juice when I was about 10 years old. A few years before that someone tricked me into believing they had poured my soda into an empty Budweiser can.

As an adult the foulest would by far be Alka-Seltzer.

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1.) Sea eel sushi
2.) Cottage cheese
3.) Avocados in any shape or form
4.) Black pudding, which is a euphemism for blood sausage, which is exactly what it is.

There are some things on this thread that I adore, and some that I would never ever be willing to try. Occasionally, I will watch the show about the guy who travels around the world eating really weird things. He has guts….and has eaten them.

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Avoid fruits and nuts. You are what you eat.

Jim Davis

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Radishes. Never, in my life, have I been able to eat radishes.

@chyna: I’m with you on the coffee. Gag!

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Well cheers for your answers… I think. I mean I was feeling peckish, but err now…not so much :¬(

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Balut the nastiest thing I have ever tried. It is an 18 day old duck fetus that gets boiled then eaten bones, beak, and feathers.

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Balut in the PI. Even nasty when drunk on JD, but I won the bet.

@shego it is even worse when it is pickled.

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@shego : Oh. My. Goodness. O.O That is the most disgusting thing I have ever… I need to go brush my teeth!!

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Yeah I got double dogged dared to try it. Never again.

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Bananas are disgusting. The texture and the taste, I gag thinking about it.

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Ah, @Pied_Pfeffer, you mean Andrew Zimmern. Anthony Bourdain‘s got an adventurous palate, as well. Yes, they are the Mikeys of US television. They’ll eat anything.

“You try it?”
“I’m not gonna try it, you try it!”
“I’m not gonna try it!”
“Hey! Let’s get Mikey!”

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@aprilsimnel That would be me, I will try just about anything once. My family and friends think I am strange because I like venison haggis. Which I make when I harvest deer.

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Licorice. Ew. I’d rather munch out on dead body.

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I’ve never really tried anything weird and exotic. One time I accidentally ate scrambled egg. As soon as I tasted it, I remembered the flavor and I remembered why I hated it so much. Blech.

Also there was that time I tried tuna at age 3 and threw it up right afterward. Gross.

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Raw snake and grubs on a desert survival course.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Seriously, they would have to just shoot me before I would eat that.

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A raw oyster.

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@chyna I’d fail the course if I didn’t partake, which was about the same thing to me at the time.

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@chyna: Then they would’ve eaten you.

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@cprevite Good point. Ok, I’ll eat it, but I’ll throw it back up.

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I never ate it…okay? I’m vegetarian. But had I not been, I know I would have found it utterly (something not good). It had the most awful smell I have ever, ever smelled (and this also takes into account lots of gross things that are not food, okay?) It had been killed and butchered and then brought in the kitchen and I really thought I was going to throw up. It was a smell to end all smells. I could have never, ever eaten it with that acrid smell. And I had seen them hopping around just a few hours before!


(With no offense to our friends down under, honest.)

The smell lingered for a week…after the meat was cooked and all that. It still smelled like that when cooked.

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I have eaten a lot of down right nasty things, from sea slugs to baby sparrows to monkey to rat to dog.
The most disgusting thing that made it into my mouth is pecan pie.
It would have been a pastrami sandwich, but i could get it close to my mouth. Those things smell awful.

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Nastiest drink I ever had was the shot of Scotch with a cobra venom gland in it.

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@flimfann. You aren’t Andrew Zimmern, are you? (A nod to @aprilsimne for providing his name.)

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I left some spoiled food in my locker and forgot it was there and I accedently ate a rotted avacodo… and three month expired chicken from my locker…. then I tried washing it down with mouldy fontain drink…I was in a state looking for water… seeing most of the fountains were broken. I stopped using my locker at school from that….

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Sour milk when I was in early pregnancy.

Also, soft shell crabs. Crunch, yuck!

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The nastiest thing I ever drank was soda from a can that had been used as an ashtray. I was a kid, and the cupholders of my mom’s van were always full of soda cans. One day I got into the van, put my soda down, and later picked up the wrong half-full can to take a swig. ARGH!! It was so disgusting, I spit it all over the place. My mom was such a slob. Probably still is.

I’ve never eaten anything truly strange or nasty. If I suspect something will taste awful, I just won’t try it. One thing I really hate is olives. I just can’t stand the taste or smell, and even a tiny little bit of an olive on a pizza or in a salad will make me gag. One day, I was at a cookout and took a chicken drumstick from a bit platter of chicken. It looked really good. When I took a bite, the chicken tasted like olives. It was like I’d poured a jar of olives right into my mouth. It still makes me sick to think about it. The chicken had been marinated in olives, with juice, before being grilled. Oh, it was awful. Maybe not as bad as pickled duck fetus, but certainly the worst-tasting food I’ve ever had in my mouth.

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Chitterlings (proper) Chit-lins (slang) Shit-lins (as far as I’m concerned). They are hog intestines. I can’t get past the smell of them let along the taste. eeyeewww!

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My friend Dave G. made a bet with someone once, and drank tobacco spit from a spittoon. He said it slid right down. When he told me about it, he said it made him sick just to think about now.

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Oysters, Caviar, Buttermilk, Sauerkraut, Liver, Guacamole.

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Rotten egg. And it wasn’t even in my mouth; I had just cracked one into a bowl. The thought of the smell made me miserable for days.

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I drank a mixture of cattle blood and milk with Masai warriors in northern Kenya. Very metallic taste and had to drink it down before it clotted.

At a feast in the tribal region in Pakistan, the eyeballs of the sheep were dealt out to the two highest ranking guests; just pop it in your mouth and swallow with a swig of black tea. It’s a serious insult to the host to refuse.

In Philippines balut is a delicacy I never acquired a taste for: partially developed duck embryo in the egg, usually served with tuba, a coconut wine (not too bad). Preserved chicken eggs are far too salty and pungent for my taste. Dried fish being fried stinks out the house and tastes about as it smells. I did get used to the fermented fish sauce though, a salty piquant condiment that has become part of my cooking armamentarium, along with dark soy sauce and banana flowers ( I raise bananas in one of our heated greenhouses).

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Cole slaw. I actually almost threw up in a restaurant because I thought I should taste the cole slaw. NEVER AGAIN.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land is our andrew zimmern, or our Bourdain.

Did you have to eat the sheep eyes??
I want banana flowers.

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My grandma encouraged me to try liver when I was about five. I was never picky growing up, so I tried it, no questions asked. After I put it in my mouth, I had to stand up and run to the restaurant bathroom so I didn’t throw up all over the table. To this day, I have never tasted anything similar to liver, and I never want to again.

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@jazmina88 Yes I did, I was the highest ranking officer present. You can get dried banana flowers at some Asian groceries or PM me and I’ll mail you some when the banana plants blossom in the autumn (they’ve already done their spring blossoms). The banana plants I grow are the small Philippine variety (bananas about as long as a finger, but very sweet).

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Durian fruit.

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Drink: Light beer
Food: Domino’s pizza. It literally does taste like cardboard, and I’m not willing to give their new pizzas a second chance. Also, fuck Pizza Hut.

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I was on a double date many moons ago and was sitting in the back behind the driver. He was smoking a cigar and my window was open as was his window. I laughed just as he tapped the ash off his cigar and it blew back into my mouth. I was coughing and gagging.

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@Michael_Huntington I can’t believe you don’t like Domino’s! Maybe they were having a bad day or something.

@stranger_in_a_strange_land You MUST write a book! Such an extraordinary life.

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Aren’t individual tastes a funny thing? Whenever I have a Ruben sandwich (yes, I adore sauerkraut), it has to be with turkey instead of corned beef and mustard instead of thousand island dressing. It’s similar to the scene in “When Harry Met Sally.”

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@Pied_Pfeffer I’m so glad someone admitted to loving sauerkraut. I could eat it every day, but I know so many people that find it absolutely disgusting. My closest friend won’t even come to my house for days after I’ve cooked it.

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@TheOnlyNeffie You can do what I do…eat sauerkraut in a restaurant.

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@Pied_Pfeffer oh I do! I cook it though. Twice a month, at least, probably as often as once a week sometimes. I really do love it. I just warn people beforehand that I’m making it. lol.

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@Bluefreedom Oysters, Caviar, Buttermilk, Sauerkraut, Liver, Guacamole
you do not like Guacamole or Caviar??? OMG. I don’t want to even imagine a Life without Guac.

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I like guac, sauerkraut, caviar, oysters, too. Liver, not so much.

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@Odel I’ve had Durian (the big spiky green fruit) in Philippines. It’s like Limberger cheese, once you get past the smell it’s great. But it smells like something died.

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@Michael_Huntington The “new” Domino’s is indeed much better than it used to be.

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@Aster. I can only describe Caviar being like very salty mucous and Guacamole just tastes unpleasant to me.

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@Bluefreedom Maybe Caviar’s texture is what turns you off? A lot of people hate tomatoes because of the texture.

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@Aster really? I am one of those people that finds tomatoes to be absolutely repulsive – but I haven’t met ANYONE else that feels the same way. It’s nice to hear that I’m not alone. lol.

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@TheOnlyNeffie Sorry; I adore tomatoes too!! Okra is slimy but fried it’s delish!! lol

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@Aster. It may very well be the texture too, like you mentioned. Speaking of that, I don’t like bananas either because of the texture of that fruit.

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@Bluefreedom I Love bananas!!!

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English breakfast sausages in March 1983. Never again. I always wondered why it is called sausage.

American root beer in August 1988. Never again. I always wondered why it is called beer.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land I’m from the phillipines, and “balut” or rather Balot is something you get used to. I liked the soup in it, though it took me several tries to get to abe able to eat the chick. there are varieties of it too, the duck and the chicken egg. you call the duckling variety Balot Penoy. it’s kinda mushy. the one with the whole chick should be chicken. and the salted preserved eggs are supposed to be cooked, but I tried it raw once. kinda burned my throat after. Tuba is commonly found in the province, and that’s a no-match to the Lambanog for me. got me dizzy. the dried fish is commonly found in average to lower class households because of it’s availability and low price. it’s called Tuyo, from the Filipino “Dry”. we have that often in our house, even I don’t like it. personal preference. they use tomatoes with vinegar as condiments, or some other recipe they make up themselves. the fermented fish sauce is called Patis, and if you’ve tried Sinigang or Nilaga, it goes pretty well with those. and that banana you’re saying, it’s called Latundan banana, although you could also get banana flowers from the Lacatan.

just saying. :)

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