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Can anyone help me with my printer?

Asked by alexleehafliger (8points) June 21st, 2010

My Dell 1700 Printer was broken. i fixed it, but when i plugged the power cord back in the back of it, there was a pop, and there was a brief flash of blue light in the back where it plugs in at, then it wont turn on. What happened? and, What can i do to fix it, without spending money?

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Oh my :\ I’m not an electrician or anything, but by the sounds of it you shorted your printer out. I’m not 100% sure but maybe see if you can get ahold of a new cable, though there is likely a good chance the inside was damaged when it was zapped.

Again, I’m NOT an electrician or know much about electronics. I’m going to ask my SO when I get home tonight for ideas for you. Until then, I hope someone else can either discredit my response or back it up with more knowledge ;)

Good luck and don’t electrocute yourself!!!

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I have worked with electricity. And not only is your printer dead it is a huge fire risk. It is garbage now. Accept it.

New printers are so cheap it isn’t worth bothering to fix.

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It’s dead, Jim.

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Can anyone recomend a place to get a cheap new one? It is A work one, a big box. (looks like one)

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Best Buy, Frys,

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Printers are cheap. You can get a fairly decent printer almost anywhere with an electronics section. I picked up an HP Deskjet at Target for $30 that served me well for almost 4 years. Still works too, but I upgraded.

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