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Blackberry curve won't send pictures anymore?

Asked by kb1818 (30points) June 21st, 2010

I’ve had my curve for about 10 months now (from verizon), I’ve been very happy with it but recently (past 2 months or so) I haven’t been able to send pictures to facebook at all. It starts sending but when I check if he goes through it has a red X next to it and never ends up going through. Is there something I’m doing wrong? What can I do to fix this? Any users that share this also? Thankyou for reading!

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Everyone I know with a Blackberry Curve has this problem. I can maybe get 1 out of 20 to actually post to Facebook. I thought it was maybe my service, I have Sprint, but my friend has Verizon and she has the same problem. I have thought about taking my phone into the Sprint store to see if they can do anything about it, but I never think about it at a convenient time. You might go into Verizon and have them take a look.

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Take the battery out for starters, if that doesn’t work, call verizon from another phone. they’re pretty good with this stuff and will send u a new berry if you can’t fix it with them.

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it might be a problem with the facebook app

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