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Is the only way to get over stage fright going on stage?

Asked by alive (2933points) June 21st, 2010

I have stage fright… Are there ways to get over it?

Have you ever had it and gotten over it?

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There are certainly ways to ease out of your fear more gradually. Practicing before a small audience, speaking in public but not on a stage, taking a public speaking or presentation skills class, and going to Toastmasters are some ways that are less drastic. You don’t have to climb the mountain in a single leap.

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probably… i was afraid of flying until i jumped out of a plane

in all seriousness though, facing your fear is a great way to overcome it

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@Jeruba and @Samantha_Rae
are correct. I had the worst case of stage fright until I played at a packed coffee house. Good thing that I didn’t realize how many people were there until after my set. Do it. It’s great experience. Now, it’s hard to get me to quit playing!

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Jeruba has some great suggestions. There is no substitution for practice and depending upon what you have to do, media training or coaching can do wonders for your presentation style. Remember, the people in the audience are usually rooting for the person on stage. Use their positive energy to your benefit.

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Don’t think about it. I hate public speaking. It scares the you-know-what out of me, big time. I had to give a speeck to my customer service class at the end of the term and decided not to think about and prepare a bit of what I was going to do. Best thing I ever did. Have confidence in your talents and it’ll be fine once you get up there.

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You can get a prescription for beta blockers if you have debilitating events.

You’ll be calm as a Hindu Cow.

(A dirty little secret for government and entertainment professionals – like steroids in sports.)

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Working from behind a lecturn helped me at first. It kinda covered me and I could hold on to it. I was suprised how it helped. I was also into my subject. Looking at faces does help me, it personalizes the experience and gives feed back.

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From @ipso ‘s site: Eat bananas (and avoid caffeine): ...bananas to his jumpy music students and warns them away from coffee, which speeds up a racing heart. Eating bananas theoretically could work like taking a beta blocker because potassium has a role in calming the heart, and many performers believe in them. But there’s another reason they may work. “Of the people who do need help with performance anxiety, 20 percent to 25 percent will get a response from a placebo,” says Dr. Christopher Crow. “Sports psychologists deal with this all the time: When the pressure’s on, how does my mind remain calm?”

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Pick one person in the audience and focus on them. talk only to them. you will make it.

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You could use laughing gas (nitrous oxide) but I would think the equipment would be a little too obvious.

No really. Some performers use Xanax or other anti-anxiety meds.

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