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Do you think the "social" section should be the home page of Fluther (instead of the "general" section)?

Asked by alive (2933points) June 21st, 2010

Anytime I visit the Fluther home page I am directed to the “General” section… But Fluther is a Social Network

I think that when people visit the Fluther home page they should be directed to the “Social” section first.

I think the Social section is more representative of what Fluther is all about. While the ‘General’ section is more of a factual (dryer, if you will) type of question/answer section.

What do you all think?

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Ideally, we would get to pick which one we wanted as our homepage, but since we can’t I think it should stay on general. Fluther does have a major social feel to it, but it is still a Q&A site. I think people that are coming for the first time that really have a serious question may think twice about sticking around if the first thing they see is the casual (sometimes snarky) side of fluther without really knowing much about the site.

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When I click on “Home” I see tabs across the top, and I just click on the one I want. General is my usual first choice.

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I think that FLuther wants a good deal of the Q&A to be legitimate answers to real questions so that we end up a preferred destination for Google and Bing to send people to when they search with a question type inquiry. I’m with @YARNLADY, it’s easy enough to click to the Social section if you wish.

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I disagree. The fluther homepage should be on an everything tab.

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Why isn’t this a “meta” question?

[Edit] Now it is.

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No, I don’t think so.
The fact that “social networking” and “social questions” share a common descriptor, I don’t think that makes it right to automatically combine the two.
I may be misjudging the Staff’s intents, but I thought that Fluther wanted to draw in intelligent discussion and serious problem-solving. General section is for just that. That’s why it makes sense for the General tab to be the default.

I don’t want to pick on any users, I don’t want to say that they have bad questions, but honestly, if somebody was looking for a site that promotes brilliance and deep discussions, I would think seeing questions on the front page like “What should I name my chihuahua?” would make them not want to stay on Fluther.
It’s not like Social questions are hidden. They’re just not the default tab. You’re not immediately smacked in the face by “What would you do if you were a vampire?” as soon as you learn about Fluther.

I would like an individual option to make Social or General your personal default, but I think in general, it makes sense for General to be the front page.

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I think it should be the “General” section for first time visitors/non-members with members able to select as a preference. @Sarcasm ‘s post sums up the reasons very well.
See ya…....Gary/wtf

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Many of us see Fluther as a social site, but it’s advertised to the general public as a Q&A site. It’s only a matter of pushing a tab button to get where you want to go; minor for us, but a major reprogramming effort for the staff to allow alternate defaults. I can live with it. Staff is doing a hell of a job; glitches that take years to get straightened out on other sites are fixed in days here, real user-orientation.

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I think it would be neat if it was random.

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Nobody’s going to agree, so you should just be able to choose.

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@Jeruba i didn’t ask it in Meta because i wanted to just hear what people think. it wasn’t supposed to be like a “tech” question or a “how do i do X on fluther” question

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I think it is fine just the way it is.

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There should be a button for extra butter.

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I’d like NSFW to be my start tab. errr wait….there isn’t one

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Absolutely not. While many think of Fluther as a social networking site, that isn’t its purpose at all. It just kind of evolved into that (which I think is great), but is not its initial draw. I would like to see members given a choice, but the default should be General.

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No. Support first, fun later.

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