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What's it like living in Ireland?

Asked by frolix (167points) June 22nd, 2010

hi, does anybody here live in Ireland? Recently, I have been happily haunted by images of glorious Ireland from pictures and movies where they expose its nature, culture and the people. All this got me in a state of ‘crave’ or eagerness to experience living in that country. Can anybody tell me about what it’s like to live in Ireland? thanks in advance :)

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Life in Ireland is good. Don’t expect to see the thatched cottages and wooly jumpers that often though. I live in Wicklow, the “garden of Ireland”. It has some fantastic views. I’m 20 years old now and have lived in Ireland all my life. As a teenager I found everything boring, because thats what all teenagers do. But now my friends and I enjoy the finer side of things in Ireland I guess. This summer has provided us with some great weather so far and I’ve been out enjoying the scenery.

Since Wicklow is the county south of Dublin we have a lot of urban sprawl. Most places in Ireland have big enough towns and their own sources of entertainment. My friends and I will generally go to each others houses to hang out and then go to pubs and clubs on the weekends. We travel on the Dart (a train) most of the time into Dublin. Takes around 50 minutes. But you are probably more interested in the nature side of Ireland.

The Sally Gap is something you most drive over at some point. Fantastic views. If you are looking for nature in Ireland then anywhere outside of Dublin you aren’t going to have to drive very far. People are known for being kind and welcoming.

Its tough to give you a broad scop of life in Ireland. Life in urban areas and life out in rural areas have a pretty big contrast.
Sorry about that, I hope that there is some kind of salvageable answer in what I have written.

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If you stay in the middle of dublin it’s like any other city, except maybe with a lot more rain. Your probably looking for that old Ireland, secluded, abanoned stone houses, in the middle of an abudance of green fields kind of Ireland, in which case I recommend you go the Aran islands off the coast of Galway. Galway city would be a good place to visit too to get the general feel of Ireland, it’s got plenty of pubs, I’ll say that much.

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Whoaa.. cheers, thanks very much for your answers, I really appreciate it!!
So far, everything that I’ve learned about Ireland is fascinating, not only the nature part of it but also the culture, the – mostly cloudy with a chance of shower – weather, the old stone houses, the pub and last but not least, the Irish accent.. they’re just magnificent!

However I haven’t gotten to look much on Dublin’s city life just yet but I’m pretty sure it’s amazing as well. Since I live in Jakarta, I suppose it’s fair to expect some interesting differences between my country and Ireland.

Oh wow, I better start saving up for an Ireland holiday.. ♥

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