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Would you get an "autosave" implant?

Asked by XOIIO (18244points) June 22nd, 2010

I had an idea for a brain implant. You know those times that you are talkingabout something, get distracted and forget, or when you are looking for something but forget what?

It would sort of keep track of your brainwaves, and when there is a sudden change, from a distraction it would store the though process in some manner. Then you just need to think of a key phrase and it would let you pick up from where you are.

Would you get an implaant like this?

I would.

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I don’t know, actually. It just doesn’t appeal to me. Would I get one? No. The emotional side of me doesn’t like the idea of treating my living body like a computer. I’m sure many people would find such a device useful and line up to get one.

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I’d rather get a social/emotional chip like Data. Maybe that would offset my Aspergers Syndrome.

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Will it allow me to shoot laser beams out of my eyes.

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