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Okay, I've got some bland-ass chicken breast; what should I make with it for dinner?

Asked by ubersiren (15152points) June 22nd, 2010

I’ve got 1 lb chicken breast. I usually just bake it with some seasoning on it or something. Occasionally barbecue or fry, but I’m trying to stay on the healthier side of things. What’s something yummy and health conscious to make with it? I can walk to the store for ingredients if I need to. I’m not looking for too elaborate a preparation, but something with a little punch and pizazz would be appreciated.

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If you have a crock pot, use a can of cream soup(mushroom is great)to cover the chicken. add salt and pepper to taste. cook slowly till the chicken is done. serve over a bed of rice. simple and easy to make tastes great. do not dillute the soup. use straight from the can.

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Cut it into cutlets, dip in olive oil and Italian flavored bread crumbs. Drizzle with a bit more olive oil. Bake in the oven at 350 for aabout 25–30 minutes. Simple, tasty and healthy. I call this Chicken Laura after my friend from whom i got it.

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Quick and easy recipe for chicken:-
Mix together yogurt, lime juice, garlic and ginger. Spoon over chicken and bake in oven. Delicious and made in minutes. Enjoy

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@ubersiren is cream cheese too unhealthy for you?

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My husband begs me to make my chicken salad. I pretty much have to keep it in the fridge at all times.

Bake the chicken, plain. Skin on if you have it, if you don’t no biggie. When it’s done, chop it up as fine or as chunky as you like.

Grate or chop one carrot and one stalk of celery. Then mince half a small onion. Then chop up a handful of whatever olives you like. I use spanish olives and Kalamata together. Throw all that in with the chicken. Dump in 1 capful of lemon juice, about a tablespoon each of the brine from the olives, and a big spoonful of mayo (or miracle whip). Mash it all together and make some awesome sammiches.

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Here’s my version of chicken cordon bleu: Bone the breast and throw it in a dish. Throw some thinly sliced ham on the chicken and cover it with cubed mozzeralla cheese. Cover the dish. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes plus and minus. While the chicken is cooking warm a can of cream of chicken soup over the stove, undiluted. When the chicken is done, remove it from the dish and add the drippings from the pan to the soup.Increase the heat and mix thourghly. Serve over the chicken. Works good with rice.

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@sleepdoc Ooh, yeah cream cheese is the devil.
@Seek_Kolinahr Sounds delicious, and I think I’ve even got light mayo. Yum.
@partyparty That sounds great. I think all I need is the yogurt. Awesome, thanks!

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Marinate the chicken in light Italian dressing for a few hours. Season lightly and grill. It’s easy and delicious. :)

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@ubersiren then I have nothing for you

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Grill it up with onions and red and orange and yellow bell peppers.

Serve in tortillas with the works, sour cream, avacado….ooooh baby! lol

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@Coloma That sounds awesome. drool

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Dip it in egg, then in a mixture of 2 parts Italian breading (store bought is fine) one part parmesan cheese. Make sure it’s got the breading all over and put it in the oven at 350 degrees for 15–25 min depending on how many pieces you’re making.

Poor mans chicken parmesan!

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Curried Chicken Salad. I made this for my son’s preschool graduation party, and it disappeared. Easy and yummy, and the dressing is mostly made with yogurt with only a bit of mayo. I just poached the chicken and let it cool before cutting it up. The recipe says to serve it on croissants, but of course you can serve it on whole wheat or even just on top of lettuce. Next time I make it, I’m also going to add some cashews.

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Another good recipe, I know I posted this somewhere before. :-/ ?

Dice the cooked chicken breast and mix with a handful of slivered almonds, about ⅓ cup of diced seedless red grapes, minced onion, and mix with 2–3 Tablespoons of ceasar (sp?) dressing and a spoonful of lite mayo.

Stuff mixture into pita bread pockets and garnish with shredded romaine or other good lettuce.


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I would make a curry chicken, with yougurt. No more bland.

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@MissAusten Oh man!

Woo, I’m good ‘n’ hungry, now!

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@Seek_Kolinahr Why do you bake it instead of boiling it? It sounds great minus the olives.
My daughter puts hard-boiled eggs in hers which are so good. I use relish, celery, pepper, scallions and Lots of mayonnaise. Sometimes we eat it with Frito-Lay Multi-Grain chips which are the best grocery store chips out there, IMO.

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I feel that the chicken retains more flavor when baked, and I prefer the texture.

I love hard boiled eggs in a salad. Probably wouldn’t do those with the olives though.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I bet you’re right. It Would retain more flavor when baked. But it would heat up the house more. I’m going to do this in the fall, for sure. Thanks.

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Yeah, it does heat up the house. Oh, the sacrifices we make for good food. ^_^

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Now I’m really hungry.

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Heh…yep, trying to muster the motivation to go grocery shopping, think it’s a must do by the end of the day over here.

Breakfast was an apple, Havarti cheese with jalapenos and Wasabi rice crackers…hahaha

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<—Peanut butter toast for me. I need real food!

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Do as @Fly suggested (marinade/grill) or make Chicken Cordon Bleu with swiss cheese and sliced ham. Pound the chicken breast flat, roll it up with the cheese and ham, saute in butter and white wine until lightly brown, yummy!

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I would have made chicken and mayo sandwich. Oh, with a HUGE fresh salad on the side, to make it more healthy. :)

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