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Whose death (outside of family/friends) has affected you deeply?

Asked by serenityNOW (3641points) March 18th, 2008

Mine was back in 1995 when Jerry Garcia died. Talk about a drastic change in my life, going from traveling in a beat up station wagon cross-country to getting a job and going main-stream.

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I don’t usually do the celebrity death thing…

I can only think of two that made me sit down and mumble “WTF.” And those two are Hunter S. Thompson and Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Kurt Cobain was shocking. I was in high school when that happened. But that doesn’t count becuase I was in high school and stupid.

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I would have to say the death of all the people who were murdered on 9/11

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left eye from TLC and aaliyah. Oh yeah and our schools prom queen right after prom

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johnny0313x… That was either the most brilliant thing I have read today or the most pathetic. Please don’t ruin the surprise. I need something to think about while I drift off to sleep tonight.

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The Pat Tillman story got to me.

The movie Flight 93 made me tear up as well.

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haha. Yeah I’m good at that LOL

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I would have to say mine was the recent Gary Gygax. The creator of Dungeons and Dragons. He was the reason I am were I am today. One of my life goals was to meet him and i was going to this year at gencon but now I guess I am going to have to make it a goal to see his grave. I actualy cried when I heard the news.

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In high school, a girl was murdered on Halloween. She was stabbed 49 times by the brother of the chief of police. He was on acid, and went berserk. I saw her walk into his house that night. It really shook me up. Up until then, I was a naive teen with my head in the clouds and thought those things happened in other places, not my sleepy little town.

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I would definently have to agree with johnny0313x because once Aaliyah died it made it seem like celebrities were real people and that they can die, I was in shock when she died. I was waiting for someone to jump out and say it was a joke. It just went to show that they really are just like you and me because people put celebrities on such a high pedestal that people believe that they are unreal or something.

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He’s not dead yet,but he is sadly dying. Randy Pausch’s last lecture was definitely something that changed how I look at life.

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@uberbatman He is a very inspiring person. Thanks for sharing that lecture.

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Mark Donohue
Walter Payton
Both left us way to soon…But left inspiration and legacy….

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9/11 and the death of George Harrison

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