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Have you ever been afraid to move forward in life?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) March 18th, 2008 from iPhone

just wondering if anyone has ever felt scared to move forward in life? Like when you k ow everything around you is just getting stale and you know you are about to open new doors Nd start a new chapter. Have you ever been so scared that you tried to fight that off or just ignore everything? Usually I am wlcoming chnage but latly I’ve felt scared kinda. Maybe because I’m a young adult and don’t like being on my own haha

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yes I lost a eye a few years back and its been hard to move forward for fear of what people think and how I look now

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LOL @ oneye1’s name. Ur brave. Sorry for your loss. u seem pretty comfortable with it, that’s good for u.

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I have to move forward and to be able to laugh about it helps I have a eye chart tatooed on my arm with 20/20 at the bottom with one of the 20 crossed out and 1i tatooed on there to

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Yes, I think practically everyone runs into fear or other kinds of resistance to stop doing what’s comfortable and safe. It’s how our brains are wired for survival purposes. If you want something though, focus on that and you’ll realize you want to “move forward” as you say.

(On the other hand, sometimes “moving forward” is actually a false label coming from others that isn’t really what you want to do. Like when someone is called to be a writer or artist, and people they know don’t understand and encourage them to get “a real job” or whatever. Or, when people try to give advice about someone’s love life, not knowing what’s really right for them.)

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yes i have..i was scared to get old and try out new things knowing that it might get harder yet it can also get easier

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Similar feelings of fear creep in on me sometimes too. I am a young adult out on my own as well and the thing that scares me the most about change is the possibility of being left behind. I am afraid that everything will move on without me.

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I just posted a question along the same notion but different perspective, i am actually frustrated that I cannot start my new chapter soon enough. I think you just have to use that fear as your energy and do everything in your power to keep living and see where it takes you. I just feel that there are outside influences in my life that i cannot control that are the ones holding me back.

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