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What's with the raw steak on a black eye?

Asked by AstroChuck (37368points) June 22nd, 2010 from iPhone

What does this do? Is it supposed to bring down the swelling? And if so, how? And what is a vegetarian like myself supposed to put on my shiner?

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I don’t know if there is something particular about steak that has an affect on swelling other than it being cold. You could use a bag of frozen peas (or other veggies) if you had them (just be sure to wrap a towel around them so you aren’t putting the frozen item right up against your skin).

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Yeah, I think it has to do with cold. As a vegetarian you could use a bag of frozen peas.

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Throw the steak on the grill and I will bring you a nice cold firm slab of tofu for your eye!

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“Pack it in ice. Jimmy’s dad had the right idea, but it was the coldness of the steak, not the meat itself, that did the trick. In fact, a vegetarian would have gotten the same results by using iceberg lettuce!

Cold works in two ways. It helps keep the swelling down and, by constricting the blood vessels, helps decrease the internal bleeding, which is what causes the black-and-blue color.”

Mother Nature

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How is applying a raw steak to swelling in violation with your vegetarian ethics? You don’t have to eat it, after all.

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@Trillian He was jokin’!!!

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@Val123 rino! Maybe he can combine the steak and peas and have dinner when the swelling goes down

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It is the coldness of the steak also the ability of the meat to conform with the contours of the face without the pressure points that ice might produce. BUT, putting a piece of raw meat with a host of germs such as E coli near the thin membrains of the eye could lead to disaster. I too am going with the frozen bag of peas.

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There was a time when ice was a rare commodity. You needed it to keep the food in the fridge cold.
Instead of wasting the ice on you black eye, it was more piratical to use something other then the ice.

Like a piece of meat.

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@Trillian I think it was meant to be funny, like @Val123 said. But it would be pretty unlikely that a person that eats an exclusively vegetarian diet would have a steak in their freezer. :)

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@Trillian Yes! Dinner for him and the dogs! :)
@ChazMaz OK. So…..assuming no ice, warm steak, is there something in a warm steak that will draw the blood out? Um…‘Piratical’ rather than ‘practical’? You still celebrating 20K???

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