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Why does lying come natural ?

Asked by oneye1 (745points) March 18th, 2008 from iPhone

No one teaches there kid to lie they just do why ?

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Because you are a pathological liar. It isn’t normal.

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children watch people and see them lie first. I think they do learn from example. Or learn how to react from fear to do what they think will protect them from you, being punished, etc etc

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Lying is sometimes the path of least resistance. Telling my girlfriend that I don’t know what happened to her Tupperware is easier than admitting I accidentally threw it away. And I only use that example because that was my last lie. And that was about fifteen minutes ago.

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Yeah yeah! I’m pretty sure the first time I lied was to get out of trouble. When I saw it worked, I just COULDN’T stop!

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would you agree that all lies are based on fear?

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in a way I would say yes and it has to do with pride to I think

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I would agree that your average lie is based on fear. We lie so we don’t get in trouble. That is probably the majority. But a bunch of people lie for money. The car salesman lies to you so he gets his commission.

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good stuff guys

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I think it comes natural for the simple fact that people want to impress other people alot of the time and also that people dont want to hurt other peoples feelings. Todays society is really about image at times and some people lie to make sure they are seen and get ahead of others. But what you do in the dark always comes to the light. So better be prepared for the backlash!

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Because that dress dosen’t make your butt look big….

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