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Anyone Living Without Air Conditioning?

Asked by Aster (19126points) June 22nd, 2010

Do you use only a fan in summer? Or just let breezes come in the windows? And if you do not have a/c, are you ok with it?

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Usually fans. What we like to do is open up the windows at night when it is cooler. Then in the morning we will close up all of the windows and the blinds/drapes to trap the cool air in and block the sunlight out. It’s not too terribly bad most of the time, unless we get company.

This year we caved and put the window a/c in. It’s way too hot and humid already. My carpet literally felt wet to the touch just from the humidity in the air. Blech. I have to admit, I feel spoiled rotten now with the window a/c in. If someone who is accustomed to central air came into my home they would probably still find it uncomfortably warm, as the unit we have is a bit small for the large space it has to cool. But it feels AMAZING to us :)

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I’ve never had AC at home, not even in the hot, humid New England summers I grew up with. Here in Northern Cal. we don’t really have that many hot-hot days in a year, and fans are normally enough. If we keep the house closed during the day and open it up only when it’s cooler outside than in, it stays pretty comfortable. Nights are nearly always cool.

I’d always prefer real air if possible, although I do enjoy a nice cool hotel in a hot vacation spot.

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I don’t have it. I wish I did. I feel like a baked potato right now.

I lived in one place where we had AC, and in the middle of Summer, I was playing PC games dealing with Bram Stoker’s Dracula, wrapped in a blanket and with the windows closed.

It was fucking EPIC.

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I live in a basment thats cool in summer and warm in winter…So I don’t use A/C…but I do have an air filter

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No A/C. I turn on the large window fans if the outside air is cooler than the inside.
If outside gets above 74 I shut down the fans and windows and allow my air filter to blow basement air upstairs. It works great.
But we live up north with few really hot days.

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I have not always had air conditioning and have suffered through some pretty hot summers. During those times when I was younger, I was happy to go to work so that I could soak up the company’s air. Now days I have air conditioning but only use it when absolutely necessary; like today the weather was 90 degrees and very humid.

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AC is very rare in the UK except in offices and other workplaces. I’ve never heard of anyone (except the extremely wealthy) who have it in their homes.

No point really. It would only be turned on for two days a year.

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I am. In Germany we would normally only need it 10 days a year.

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We don’t use a/c, we only use stand fan or ceiling fan. I may have gotten used this style ever since we’ve stayed back in the Philippines. My grandmother is Filipino, so I was left to her care before and we have stayed in a farm which is near an ocean and mountains. It’s really cold when evening comes and sometimes there is no need for us to use any fans at all.

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