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I have two containers of premade Toll House cookie dough and it's 3 months past the "use by or freeze by" date. Is it safe to make and eat the cookies?

Asked by jca (36059points) June 22nd, 2010

I purchased two containers (tubs) of pre-made Toll House cookie dough around the holidays. it’s now mid-June. I just noticed that the “use by or freeze by” date was in March.

I know that sometimes food companies make the “use by” date premature, to be on the safe side. I don’t want to throw out these two tubs (approximately $20) worth of dough if it’s still good. On the other hand, i don’t want to make cookies that make people sick. What is your opinion?

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Does it smell or look funny?

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Were the in the refrigerator or the freezer? If they were in the freezer, they should be okay, but you definitely want to see if they smell bad.

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Once again the human garbage can replies…

Oh please! You are cooking them in the oven at 350–375F. By the time the dinger goes off, anything alive won’t be. Just eat ‘em and enjoy. I’ll have a little mil please.

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They will be fine. Everything HAS to have an expiration date….doesn’t mean they magically go bad at the stroke of midnight. lol

I have no issues with waste where I live, everything questionable just goes into the forest for the midnight wildlife party. haha

If they don’t taste good…go fling them in the woods where something will appriciate a stale cookie! ;-)

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by the way, the have been in refrigerator, and the containers are unopened.

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You should be fine. The only issue may be the quality of the cookies. Smell it before you use it. If it seems “funky” or has an “off” smell, pitch it.

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I’d give it the sniff test..and if it passed I bake those bad boys tonight and give the cookies the “inhale” test.

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Get your magnifying glass and check for the greenies. this is bacteria. no greenies? enjoy! the heat of the oven should tell the tale.

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I would not use it, since the dough contains uncooked eggs and butter. You wouldn’t eat a six month old egg or stick of butter, would you? This may also influence your decision. While your batch is not directly part of the recall, the fact that this does happen with dough should make the waste of $20 seem less important.

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I think that was raw dough.: Excerpt from your link:
“Individuals who have recently eaten prepackaged, refrigerated Toll House cookie dough and have experienced any of these symptoms should contact their doctor… The FDA reminds consumers they should not eat raw food products that are intended for cooking or baking before consumption.”

By the way, I eat raw dough too – and raw eggs and tiramisu.

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@worriedguy, I eat raw cookie dough, too, but it’s dough that I’ve made, not purchased processed cookie dough, which is both what @jca posted the question about, and what the recall is about. “Premade Toll House cookie dough” meets the test of “raw food product intended for cooking.” Cookie dough in tubs is not cooked; it’s blended, and ready for scooping and baking.

While @jca purchased the dough around Christmas, there is no way of knowing when that dough was actually made. It could have been made in Oct. or Nov., making the actual dough possibly 8 -9 months old. That is a recipe for potential disaster.

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