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Which 32" LCD TV should I buy?

Asked by zfishman (19points) June 22nd, 2010

I’m looking to spend $500 or less. Picture quality is the most important thing to me, I don’t play video games or own a blue ray player, but I would like at least 2 HDMI inputs. What should I buy?

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I have a Sanyo of that size, but mine is 4ish years old. I don’t know if the newer Sanyo 32” has 2 HDMI inputs.. mine has one… but I do know that my TV has taken a beating, gone through several moves, and has been left on for days at a time and still looks great.

I had a problem with what I thought was a burn from the letterbox view, but all I had to do was make sure I watched everything in widescreen and the line disappeared.

I know you can get the new Sanyo 32” for $300—$400 at Walmart.

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Samsung usually offers the best quality for the buck. Be sure to do two things. Look at tv pricing in stores before you actually want to buy. Decide on the one you want. Compare in a few stores and be sure they are exactly the same brand. Same exact specs. Then go and buy it on the 4th of july weekend. I bought a 42 inch samsung for 756.00 The 32 inches are way cheaper in price. I did my comparison shopping and then looked on line the day before in each store to see who had it the cheapest. Most stores will drop prices by about 200 to 100 on holidays in hope to entice your. Also do your search on line to see what were last years models. They are always making new models and so to make room they drop the prices drastically on last years models.
I was able to haggle down to 500 dollars for my 32 inch samsung Lcd hdtv with 2hdmi and a ton of other specs just because it was the 2nd to last model on the floor and it was a year old. Still cherry in the box. It wasn’t even the display model. I bought it a week before fathers day 3 years ago. They had lowered a lot of prices because they where getting a large shipment of tv’s. BTW, I (actually it was my husband) haggled the price in Walmart. It helps if you have cash in hand.

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i second that samsung recommendation…...i have a philips full hd 32” which i think is as good as any other for the size but not cheap….great picture quality and design..but samsung are very well thought of and less expensive than philips…i assume you know it is better to get full hd not hd ready?

good luck…!

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How do you want good picture quality, if you don’t want blue ray player with it?

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If you’ve never had blu ray, you’re not missing anything. Geez, TV is TV. If you want something to look real life, then GO OUTSIDE :P

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@tadpole Jesus christ dude. If you have an HD TV, that doesn’t mean that you gonna have a flawless picture. For that you need an HD signal too, which is only availabe on BlueRay. The HD tv channels are not full HD. They are just watchable quality on a big screen like that.

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@Otto_King pardon me….i was under the impression hd channels were specifically to be watched, in terms of benefits, with hd tvs…full hd too…

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we have HDTV ; what is it, anyway?
My answer is Samsung.

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@Otto_King: Do your research before you start spouting at people. “Blu Ray” has nothing to do with an HD signal. Blu Ray refers only to DVDs in HD quality. Normal HD TV viewing has absolutely nothing to do with Blu Ray.


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@poofandmook First of all, who wants to buy in 2010 an HD ready tv, instead of Full HD? Second of all, why else would you have a BlueRay dvd player, if you wont connect it to the tv? Just to play it by itself in the corner of the kitchen? Think before you write! If you just want to see 720p quality stuffs on TV, instead of 1080p, then doesn’t matter what kind of TV he buys.

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@tadpole Sorry if my first comment to you sounded harsh a bit. As an answer to your comment on mine: The HD signals thru cable tv, satellite, etc., are not FullHD! So if someone only want to see the best of the cable TV, then he is only half way towards the perfect quality available today. There is so many multimedia devices (ps3, xbox360, you name it) which requires FullHD (not HD ready) TV for the perfect game experience.

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