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How much oil, in the Gulf of Mexico, still under-ground?

Asked by talljasperman (21820points) June 22nd, 2010

how much oil is in the Gulf of Mexico in the spill region?
say the leak was never stopped and all of the oil spilled… how much would that be?

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I don’t think anyone really knows. I’ve been watching that cloud of oil and gas billow from underground. I do know that it is about a mile under water and for it to pour out that way and under that much pressure…whew, that’s something. It’s devastating. Just devastating.

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Wikipedia has a map showing the multitude of oil wells in the Gulf, along with some fascinating information about it. There’s apparently enough to supply our nation for the next 50 or so years.

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This gushing well is probably the biggest well found to date world wide. BP is not working so hard to cap it ( and they are despite their horrible incompetence)or putting up with the demands of Obama for reparation out of the goodness of their hearts. There is a pot of gold at the business end of this oil gusher.
Only my opinion.

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However much it is it’s unfortunate that so much devastation and lost has to be associated with it.

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It’s a huge well…...they wont blow it up because they dont want to lose the oil. Billions of dollars worth. Or it could have stopped by now.
@MaryW is right. The money out of this well could pay for the spill.

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@talljasperman no human knows for sure..but, when Chaz gets here, he will know. He is all knowing about everything. Just ask him!

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It is estimated that the the Macondo oil prospect contains some where around 50 million barrels.
1% has spilled out.

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I heard estimates if uncapped it could leak for 35 years before it runs out of oil.

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Please ask British petroleum Nobody knows that exactly but the think about to support all the oil which is in there with a new Drillhole

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The leak was stopped a long time ago when they replaced the cap on top with a tighter one.. since then they’ve also pumped mud and concrete through that new cap and sealed it for good on the top, they’re still working on doing the same from the bottom just as an added safety measure.

The news now is that there’s still approximately 25% of the oil originally spilled sitting in a canyon on the bottom of the gulf. The dispersant that they used caused the oil to break down and sink instead of floating, but the down side is that there’s now a HUGE oil plum of hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil sitting on the bottom. Good news that I heard today is that there are actually microorganisms down there that are beginning to break the oil down further. . I think it’s all going to be OK in time… and that it could’ve been much much worse.

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