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Website security

Asked by yaba06 (1points) March 18th, 2008

My website was hacked this week, this is actually the second time it happens. I have tried to scan my website with Goolag and with this vulnerability scanner and they both showed that my website is up to date and there are no security holes in it. I guess the hole is somewhere else where I can’t think about. Is there any webmaster out there that has a good advice how to make sure my website is protected? I know there are commercial services out there that charge $1800 a year, or something like that, but I can’t afford that kind of expense for my little site

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I just read on Slashdot about some security related website stuff.

And without knowing more I doubt you will get any good answers.

If you are serving static HTML pages without any user interaction your server is insecure. If you use PHP and MySQL someone might have got you with a SQL injection.

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Hacked how? Defaced?

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