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Everyone defines success differently. What is your personal definition of success?

Asked by sprstar (114points) March 18th, 2008 from iPhone
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financial success. Then successful at creating a strong bonded family.

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being happy and free not living to work but working to live

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Good question.. I have no aspirations to be a rich man.

My favorite thing is going down to the river and spreading out a blanket and reading all day. I value my free time over money. I value my friends and family over money.

But I guess I just want to be happy. I would rather be poor and climb trees all day before I would sit in a cube. And I am not a hippie. Just an aging punk-rocker.

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I define success as being able to do what makes you happy and staying true to ones self. From there you can branch off into personal beliefs and whatnot.

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@john see our belief in a higher power may be alot defferent but alot of things we see the same

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I define succsess as making it through high school in once piece then after that point not making an ass of yourself by getting into drugs and/or gun running. Pimping is a pritty bad way to go too, though.

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nice. he he

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Succes and failure are illusions of the ego to keep us from progressing. We are growing and learning and if we think success is a final destination, we will get to wherever that success is and stop growing. Life will be boring. You are either growing or you are dying. Each step forward is a success if you consider it a growing experience.

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Happiness right? Isn’t that the ultimate point of everything we do?

We think being rich, or famous, etc. will all lead to happiness, and thats why we strive for it. The trick is knowing what will make you truely happy.

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Life is like a box of chocolates….

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To be a great mom.

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I will consider myself successful if I make a loving, healthy family, who lives consciously and deliberately, so that our lives will be rich and that we might make a difference in this world.

I also hope to continue doing art, in some form, for the rest of my life.

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a triad of prosperity, recreation, and contribution.

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My success right now would be to graduate college this May. I have 52 days to go and I am very excited. My next success would be to be able to shop at Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Michael Kohrs, and the other expensive stores all day! lol. Then after that my success would be the family I would create. But I gotta live for myself first!

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Working in a job where I can really make a global impact on the quality of healthcare for people, while also being financially stable enough to fund my creative and travel pursuits in my spare time.

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Success, for me, is doing what I love and doing who I love.

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My personal definition of success is when I have a sense of respect for myself, that I have gone through a day making a contribution and doing the right thing.

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A happy, moral, and productive existence

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Success to me is, not so much having money and fame and or power. Rather being happy with who you are/turned out to be, and happy with how you chose to live. Also having something to live for helps. ;)

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Total control over my mind and power

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success is accomplishing what you have set out for yourself, whatever it may be.

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