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What are some good programs to help you with a UK driving theory test?

Asked by dotlin (422points) June 23rd, 2010

So it will teach me what I need to learn and test me?

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I did a Google search for ” UK online driving test” and found this Practice driving test

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It should, but to make it simple take everything you know about driving in the U.S. and turn it backwards. Right on Red? Turn it into Left on Red

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Do you even have theory tests in the US? With ours you have to understand the environmental affects of your car, hazard perception, how to service your car, etc.

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Perhaps you should order these videos so you’ll be much more confident for your road test:
The videos go over everything you should know for driving tests. Even though it costs some money, in the long run you’d be glad that you ordered them. It sure beats failing!

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