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Is there a distance pigs must be by law from a neighbors residence?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7420points) June 23rd, 2010

My father has a neighbor that owns a very small lot of land in his backyard. And he’s being rather irritating about his small lot, and tries to make his property look bad by doing various things to that small lot he owns.

Recently, he put a pig inside the lot. Every time he approaches him when he’s on the lot, he accuses my dad of harassing him and calls the sheriff over.

So, what kind of codes exist that would force him to remove this pig from the small lot, if any?

He lives in Wood county in Ohio. I’m not turning up anything through searches, and am unsure of any site to look up health codes. Please help me out here.


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You would need to look up Land Use and Zoning Department of the county government.

Although if the sheriff has been out on harassment charges it’s likely your father has already questioned this man’s right to keep a pig on his lot. And if the officer did nothing or referred your father to no one, odds are there is no law against keeping a pig on that lot.

Has your father considered making things just as obnoxious from his side of the fence?

All’s fair in love in war as long as no one hurts the pig…

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Only state that I know has a law is Iowa! Now each city, town, etc. would have their own laws. Check with your local government.

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Is your area zoned for livestock? Can the pig be considered a pet? You need to check local laws.

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Where can I find these laws and codes at? I’m searching google, but am drawing blanks.

Wood County, Ohio

My dad has tried to keep everything as close to the law as possible, and to remain civil, so nothing can come back on him. This neighbor is just some ignorant redneck trying to pester him. He just owns this small lot behind his property, and is land locked. The only way for him to get to this piece of land is to trespass on either my father’s property, or a farmer’s property.

I am having a hard time finding zoning codes or any sort of regulation on this sort of matter.

This small lot is about ¾ of an acre, but it’s within 100FT of my dad’s house.

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I doubt that stuff is online. You might have to go to the library. Or you can call local animal services. They should be able to tell you about animals zoning in your area.

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Has your father considered allowing this man ingress and egress (high falutin’ for going in and getting out) rights over a tiny portion of his land? Or both your father and the pig owner approaching the farmer with a request to do the same for the pig owner?

What this means is a deed is recorded giving this landlocked neighbor access to his property over a clearly defined section of the famer’s or your father’s place.

It doesn’t mean the guy owns it, just that he can use it. And you can limit it to his lifetime if you must.

Or your father or the farmer could sell this guy a car wide strip of their lot to allow the guy to use his property.

I actually understand the pig owner’s frustration at owning a piece of land that he can’t access. There are laws against selling a property with no ingress and egress so I’m interested in how this was allowed to happen.

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he has been able to access the property by getting permission from the farmer. This person is the epitome of white trash, hick. Every other word he ever says is an F Bomb. Just total trash. He used the property for storing junk, and trash. My father grew up the foliage and things like that so we wouldn’t have to see the unsightly mess of property.

So the owner of this small lot goes to and from it from the farmers side, but will try and do anything to irritate my dad. Putting up vulgar signs, chopping down as much foliage on his side of the property to make the signs visible, etc etc. If my dad is outside when he’s doing these things, he’ll simply walk over, not say a word. And the guy will respond with something usual like “What the F do you want?”. And my dad will say, just looking at what you’re doing. And he’ll just say back, “you’re harassing me, I’m calling the sheriff”, and 20–30 minutes later, the sheriff is there to take a report.

Very annoying to say the least.

I will advice my father to look at a local library for zoning codes as well.

Thanks everyone.

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Your building code specifically excludes structures used for agricultural uses from its coverage, so I’m betting the same applies to land use. Most states with a fairly good sized agricultural industry do the same. What town or village is he near?

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@adirondackwannabe Perry Township… it’s near Risingsun, Fostoria, and West Millgrove, if that at all helps.

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@RandomMrdan It does.I used to do a lot of work in county office buildings researching this kind of stuff. Back in a little.

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@RandomMrdan – So if he has the farmer’s permission to use his land to get to his lot he isn’t trespassing.

So that leaves the feud he is having with your father.

As much as we would like to handpick our neighbors it isn’t realistic to think that we can control such a thing. Unless of course we own all the property and can hand pick our tenants.

And if there is no law against keeping junk and crap on the land, again it isn’t a neighbor’s right to dictate how someone else lives…even if they are “trash”..they are equally protected under the law.

Your father is playing a part in this by “simply walking over” even if he “isn’t saying a word”. Standing there staring at someone could be considered at attempt at intimidation. He would likely get away with this by itself if he never opened his mouth. But you say that when this guy asks” WTF he’s looking at ?“your father does say something “Just looking at what you are doing” he is engaging with this man.

If all that this man is doing is designed to get your father’s goat then your father appearing there and engaging with this man is just encouraging him to escalate things.

I’m afraid there is no law against what the guy is doing..because if there were the sheriff would likely have put an end to things if for no other reason than to be left out of the constant calls to referee the pissing contest these two grown men have going.

I’d suggest your father invest in some serious privacy fencing and to let it go. Life is too short to feud with your neighbors…unless it’s a hobby you enjoy.

Good luck.

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No one lives on this lot (just the pig now). When we have family and guests over, trying to enjoy ourselves, we hear all sorts of racket, he’s burning stuff, and now he has a pig there. My father is in no way harassing him, he just wanted to make sure he wasn’t cutting down foliage on our side of the property.

My father is trying to find legal methods to prevent him from being an ass, as much as possible. And each time he does find a way, the neighbor gets angry, and finds something else to do.

I mean, this guy has even threatened at one point to poison my father’s water well that sits some ways back from our property. So my father had to go get a huge metal lid to cover the well lid, and had it welded shut. The guy is just a jerk.

And sure this is feuding, but really? We don’t do anything to this guy, he just seems to want to do various things to try and get attention, and it’s just annoying.

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Just put a collar on him like he’s your pet. Then it isn’t livestock, it’s your pet. Maybe that would work. :)

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@RandomMrdan wow…..this off the subject, but related to your last comment!!!..i lived by a jerk like that once! He had fued with the man across the street before i moved into the neighborhood and i did not know that. Every afternoon, I would hit golf balls to an open lot that was owned by the man across the street. One day, the man who’s lot i was hitting ball from stopped and we had a neighborly talk. I mentioned that really appreciated everyone allowing me hit balls here. Mentioned that the man across the street was okay with it and liked him. He told me take my golf balls off his lot and never hit their again…geezzzz…open mouth and insert foot! A couple of weeks later was walking my two dogs down the street and Lucy pooped in his yard…the man came out and told me to get my dog’s shit up, which i was going to do anyway, and he told me to never bring my dog near his yard ever again. Well, a month or so later, Lucy came running to me and she was bleeding from her mouth and rectum. Carried her to the vet and he said someone put glass in meat that Lucy must have ate(called a contractor’s cocktail…and this neighbor, was a contractor)! No way to prove it…but, blamed myself, as it was my fault for allowing her off the lease on one occasion. I was very young at the time and learned a huge lesson from this deal. btw, Lucy died….she was a wonderful dog!

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Of the livestock kind there are city ordinances and of the human kind there are littering, sound laws, and neglect laws. :-)
There is also the courts. Your dad might like to wait a while as pigs and other livestock are very destructive on small lots and the neighbors facination with his new “pet” may wane.

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