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Let's Hear Your Quitting Cigarettes Story!

Asked by Aster (19301points) June 23rd, 2010

Did anyone quit smoking with few side effects or does everyone suffer the fires of Hades doing it? I only smoked for a year and , when I quit cold turkey, I cried for no reason once, thought about them for a few weeks then forgot about them. It’s been 22 years.

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I’ve only managed to quit once, and after 3 months without cigarettes I was still a cranky, miserable mess. I thought about smoking pretty much nonstop. Of course I ended up smoking again. I’m not sure if this counts. But I had a nearly impossible time giving them up. I’d like to try again soon, though… so I’m curious to hear the responses here.

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I have never smoked in my life, however my Dad was a smoker for 19 years. On his 40th birthday he threw out all his cigarettes, lighters, rollers, everything and never smoked again. He just turned 49 years this past week and I am so proud of him. It wasn’t easy for him by any means. He coped by having gum, certs and Jolly-ranchers on him at all times to help the cravings. My sister and I also loved the fact he had goodies on him at all times :D The grape jolly ranchers were my favorite and every time I have one now I’m reminded of some very special memories :)

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I was smoking a pack a day, sometimes more for about 5 years… i got really drunk last 4th of july and felt like ass the next morning. didn’t smoke a cigarette after for about 3 weeks and have since, consistently felt gross when smoking one. I do still buy packs every other week or so but ONLY smoke when drinking, and can’t always finish a full smoke because i just feel so dirty after. It’s strange, when i have a craving, it’s easy to fight because i don’t want to make my lungs feel that way, or smell like that after. but fighting the urge is still hard sometimes, but again, only when drinking.

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The last time I quit, and please whatever is holy let it be the last time, I waited until the last nanosecond of my deadline to quit before major surgery.

Good news is by the time I was released from the hospital I was over the 72 hour worst of withdrawal…and hurting too damn bad and too damn sick to even want a smoke.

As I recovered there were( and are) times I would kill small furry things for a smoke.

But I know I can’t afford to smoke ever again.

The old body is far less forgiving of insults than the young one.

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I’ve been smoking since about 13 and have quit several times for several years at a time, each instance was cold turkey and yeah there were horrendous crankies. The last time I quit was because my pneumonia put me in the hospital for a few weeks and I was scared of almost dying. Like most humans though, the fear lessens as I feel better and I smoke again though more and more sparingly. I try to smoke a bit of one cigarette in the morning and then come back to it after work and nurse it until I go to sleep. Sometimes I can even make it last until the next morning. Sometimes.

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I got into a water fight inside the house the first week of being smoke-free.I am not proud.giggles

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I quit 14 years ago and have been a crabby asshole ever since!

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@Cruiser I don’t believe that. Something Else is to blame for your rotten attitude. (just kidding)

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My husband woke up one New Year’s day after smoking for about ten years, and said “Y’know, I don’t want that anymore”. Never looked back. He says he’s never had a craving, and the sight and smell of cigarettes absolutely disgusts him anymore.

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Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I smoked my last cigarette last night around 9 pm. so far, I haven’t completely lost my mind and I’ve only eaten one 9oz. can of shoestring potatoes.

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@Aster Do you know me?? You must as only people who know me know that!! ;)

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@Cruiser Only people who know you know what?

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@Aster The real nreason for my sour puss attitude!! ;))

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@Cruiser You think I know the reason?? LOL !

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I got a new car with leather seats and knew I would be furious with myself if the car smelled like smoke. I know everyone can’t go out and buy a new car, but getting a full detail might be a good start or getting the carpets cleaned and painting. Anything to kill the smell and cost you enough money to make you think twice about lighting up again.

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