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Is it a big deal that USA has reached the last 16 in the world cup?

Asked by mammal (9431points) June 23rd, 2010

Is this a big deal in America?

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Of course. It’s a thrill. Why wouldn’t it be. It’s the best team we have ever fielded.

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Nobody in America cares about soccer!!!! Only the people who play it and all the soccer moms. Beckham is like a huge sex symbol in the UK, and everyone here thinks he’s just a skinny little backstreet boy- looking twirp!!!

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I am excited about it (being not American), it’s a team with fighting spirit.
Some teams/countries just look as if they don’t enjoy to be there…
They do.

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It is if you like soccer.
I don’t have any interest in team sports, but I think that’s more of a geek think.

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@bellusfemina Nah, Beckham is easy on the eyes.

It is (according to a bunch of my American buds).

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I like @rebbel ‘s answer!
I am not a big soccer fan, but I did let out a woop! when they scored today.

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I’m getting a good number of “yahoos!” on my Facebook, so I think people are following it with greater interest than usual.

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It’s a relatively big deal.The last time we made it to the Round of 16 was 1994. RIP AndrĂ©s Escobar.

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Yes. (except, probably, in the US)

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Yes!!! I don’t even play soccer, but I love me some world cup! I’m super stoked for the US to be advancing.

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It actually is. The World Cup has brought out tons of soccer fans. Trust me, we care.

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I’m not even american and I think it’s a big deal. I was really pleased that they qualified. (Mind you I’d have been much less pleased if the US got through and England didn’t).

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Yes, it is. Believe me, it is.

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If they win it all, it might be a really positive thing for MLS in the States. Then again, winning the World Series didn’t do much for the Tampa Bay Rays, but hey… Gods, we Americans are fickle fans.

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@dpworkin I definitely agree! And we’ve got a great goalie too.

Why shouldn’t this be something for America to cheer about? We’re supporting our country, a little celebration wouldn’t hurt.

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The US team has one of the best goalies on Earth in Tim Howard.

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The USA vs. Algeria game today could have set a new internet traffic record (, it killed yahoo sports and twitter.

That’s pretty good evidence, to me, that a lot of people care.

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I have played soccer all my life and am so excited for their advancement into the top 16. That Algeria game was one of the most entertaining games I have seen in a long time, specifically the second half. A lot of people that I didn’t expect to be following the Cup are this year and I think social sharing websites like facebook and twitter make the excitement more contagious!

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Goooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal! Gooooooaaaaaaaaaaaal!

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Yes, a very big deal. Keep in mind that more than 1.2 billion people are following the month long tournament.

Compare this to the number of people watching major American football or baseball events (regional interest only).

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