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Anyone have Caesarstone countertops?

Asked by ty037 (16points) June 23rd, 2010

I’m planning to put in Caesarstone (quartz) countertops in my new kitchen. Quartz composite is supposed to be very durable and easy to clean. I’ve started finding negative comments about chipping and easy staining. Anyone have any first hand experience with this product?

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I don’t have any personal experience, but Silestone (anothere quartz brand) is supposed to be fantastic and I have not heard anything negative. I’m interested to see the responses you get. Thanks for asking this question.

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Quartz is one of the best and durable choices for your kitchen counter tops. This stone is a luxurious way to improve your home decor and make it one of its kind. I have kitchen counter tops made of this material and never had any problem with them. Also you can browse through this website to know about the various patterns this stone is available in.

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