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Is there a difference in atmosphere of the different chat sections in Fluther?

Asked by janedelila (3904points) June 23rd, 2010

Why are there so many? Are they for different things?

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If you look at their subtitles once you go in to one, there will be a description of them. I haven’t seen any live activity in anything but the main one, though.

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Only one of the chats is actually used. You can see that by the list of users after the name.
The other ones were created for specific reasons, but have since been abandoned.
For example, “Lateralia” was one we used for a couple of nights in which we did lateral thinking puzzles.
“Current events” was made around the time of the winter olympics, to a) avoid spoilers, and b) so not everyone had to see “WHOOOOO, GERMANY WON!!!!” after every competition.
A while back, the chat rooms would get really busy and tough to keep up with, which was when the “Marina Trench” was spawned, as a secondary less-headache-causing room.
the “Underwater town Hall” channel was made for the Town Hall meeting 2 months ago.
There is also another chat that’s not listed, to which Chels and Richardhenry were banished, for being annoying with their cutesy loveyness.

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@Sarcasm Why is there a chat that is not listed?

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@jonsblond Because treasure hunts are fun. Except in this case, instead of a chest full of gold, you’ll find an abandoned chatroom.

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@Sarcasm Oh, haha, I found it! I liked the text inside :)

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@jonsblond Think of it as a ‘do-not-disturb’ sign Chels & RichardHenry put up ;)

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General = Angry mob.
Social = Cuddles.
Meta = Nerds.

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