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Which ISP did you use back in the dialup days?

Asked by luminous00 (347points) March 18th, 2008

I love nostalgia, I started out on windows 3.1 using prodigy, then switched to imagination for a while (remember this at all? the prices they charged to play games with others was outrageous), then compuserve, voicenet, aol, comcast and now verizon fios?

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AOL, then school t1, then comcast

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I bought my first computer when I was 17. I saved up and paid about 1200$ for a Performa 6214. My friend went to the University and he bought it for me at the computing center so I would get a deal.

I used his credentials to get on the Internet through the University. 14.4 modem baby. That modem was 180 dollars. Get off my lawn.

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Characteristically, I still use dial-up. (Not out of choice.) My local phone co. first, then it was swallowed up by Fairpoint which has just been bought by Verizon. All I am clear about is that all the tech support people speak w. unfathomable accents and live in Kuala Lumpur, which,I am sure, is a lovely city..

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Started on the internet with Windows 98SE and a local dial up, then changed from dial up to being the first home on Nantucket with high speed cable. The cable service started as RoadRunner High Speed, then AT&T RoadRunner, then Comcast. I want FiOS so bad.

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When I lived in NH, I went through People PC. Unfortunately, the rural lines maxed out at 28.8k. Verizon said they would start DSL service in 2003 and Fairpoint promised it right after they bought the tristate area, but when I left in late 2008, it was still 28.8k dialup or nothing at all.

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