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We've all been caught in a lie. But what happens when we're caught in the truth?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30951points) June 24th, 2010

Thin walls and long corridors can carry voices beyond their intended recipient. Did you really say she was a bitch? And did she hear you by accident?

Perhaps you’ve accidentally left a note lying on the table. Did someone catch you surfing porn?

Shall we tell lies to protect ourselves from the Truth?

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The truth can never be completely hidden, at some point it WILL ALWAYS come out, let’s not kid ourselves.

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I for one don’t lie. The truth is what really makes me free. So if I’m caught in a so called lie…Oh well! Damn..I like being grown-up.

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I try and speak the truth at all times. I judiciously withhold speaking negative truths that need not be spoken. If it can serve no value for anyone, then why should I say it?

When I get caught speaking the truth that hurts or offends someone else’s feelings, I apologize for offending them, but I do not backtrack on what I said or deny the truth of my statement.

The advantage of speaking the truth is that, if asked at some later point, I can produce the same truth again.

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Yeah, like what @Dr_Lawrence said. That’s basically what I was trying to say. wish I could give more GA’s:-).

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I’m practising getting caught in the truth more and more often… but some things you just must simply keep secret…perhaps ??? :-/

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I don’t know why she was home that day. I don’t know why my phone bill had to come that day. This was the first time she had ever seen a phone bill before I did. I don’t even know why she decided to open that phone bill. Did she suspect something? Her excuse was that she thought it was for her. Right.

So she opened it, and she saw I was calling someone all the time. Someone in another state. She called me at work and confronted me with this information, and I couldn’t deny it. She had the evidence right there. How could I explain it?

It was a very unfortunate night, because we had a special treat planned for the evening: an Alicia Keyes concert. We were taking the kids. Before that we went to a Mexican restaurant. My wife was so rattled, she started talking about the phone calls right in front of the kids. I couldn’t believe it. I had never seen her do this before. She sat as far away from me as possible at the restaurant. She refused to look at me. When she had to speak to me, she hissed.

On and on it went. When we got to our seats, she insisted on seating the two kids between us. It was torture. Not only was the music amplified to the point of burning out our eardrums, but every song was a love song. Every song was another reminder of what was going on between me and my wife.

At one point I looked over at her, and she looked back at me. I can’t even begin to describe how angry she looked. Her face was tight and her lips were thin and then she did something that I don’t think I could forget if I had a lobotomy.

She was screaming something, or maybe only mouthing it. I don’t know. The concert was too loud to tell. But her gesture made it perfectly clear what she wanted to express to me. She lifted her hand, to her chin, with the back of her hand facing me, and she flicked her fingers at me while mouthing “fuck you!” “Fuck you!” She said again. This is my calm, polite wife who never uses such words. Ever.

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Ironically getting caught in the truth usually creates far more waves than being caught in a lie.

This doesn’t mean we should lie, especially to ourselves, to avoid those waves.

Rather it means we should keep our integrity surf board waxed and ready to ride.

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They still get pissed because they accused you of doing something that you didn’t do, and you can prove it, and then they feel stupid and so get pissed at you. And they stay pissed because there’s nothing for them to be pissed at you about and THAT pisses them off!

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11th grade.
1 almost empty bag of weed.
2 very angry parents.
1 self righteous sister exacerbating the situation.
5 days out of school suspension.
5 long, agonizing days of grovelling.

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@wundayatta sorry sweets :-(

Response moderated (Personal Attack)
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@wundayatta Is this not a case of getting caught concealing the truth? Her anger was more than about what you had been doing. She was infuriated at your deception, wasn’t she?
Are my statements true and fair comment?

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When my youngest son was dating his current wife, I asked him in confidence if she is retarded, and he told her what I said. No wonder she hates me.

P.S. I’m pretty sure I was right all along. I have since found out she was in Special Ed in high school. She functions about the level of a 10 year old.

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God you people piss me off. Just to be clear: when you tell the truth, people censor you.

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When you tell the truth it stays. When you tell the truth while calling someone else names it gets removed.

Just sayin.

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Of course. The truth is pretty damn difficult to deny, to wiggle your way out of because, obviously it’s the truth. No dancing around it. The truth is a bitch. One more reason to listen to your mother before you let something fly from your mouth: “Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?”

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@Dr_Lawrence I thought about that. Was it deception by omission? You can certainly make that case, but I decided to put the story here because she found the truth on her own. I felt I was caught in the truth. Anyway, your observation is fair, I think. But not enough to make me ask the mods to remove it.

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Now THATS the question…Is Truth “necessary”?

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Sometimes, most of the time yes, absolutely, the truth is necessary. But sometimes there are other things that are more important. The trick is knowing when. Some people like to excuse rudeness and cruelty by thinking of themselves as “brutally honest” when in truth they are just brutal, rude and cruel. When a person cannot tell the difference between the truth and a lie, a truth that needs to be told and one better left unsaid it shows a lack of intelligence, the twisted mind of an idealogue and/or a deficiency in socialization.

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You go Lilly! Excellent!!

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