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What do you think of the nintendo wii

Asked by khelms01 (148points) March 18th, 2008 from iPhone

is it fun, how are the graphics, overall quality

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amazing system,next revolution of gaming,nintendo actually had wii software when nintendo first came out with duck hunt,so now u can also play gamecube games and use gamecube controllers as well,I just wish they weren’t that hard to find!

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i love the wii, it is amazing. it is also making lazy people get up and actually work for the game they want to play! i nlike that you can play other games on it too, and that you can also download games if you have the wifi for your wii hooked up! the graphics for me are good, but im not really into that, im into how fun the game is!

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childish… Playststion 3 is a mans system

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I’m 18, and i love my wii, its the best system to have with a bunch of friends, and its cheap. =]

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The Wii is incredible for social gaming. When you have friends over it can fill hours of unplanned time. But nothing outside of Zelda has really hit for the hardcore masses. It definately plays to Nintendo’s strengths.

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when I have freinds over we drink and cook out. Call me crazy, I choose booze and steak. And we watch movies on the playstation 3 that has blue ray.

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@hairypalm well then all you have to do is add a Wii in and your set for the rest of the night. My bothers 25 and Him and his friends do that, someone will bring an item, beer, chips, ect., and then they let go

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I have a wii and a ps3 and I have to say, I prefer the ps3 for 1 player games but a for as multiplayer games go, its wii all the way, mario and sonic at the olympics, exite truck, mario strikers and warioware are great for a night in with your mates, the graphics aren’t exactly ps3/360 quality but they are good enough. There are some good 1 player games too, mario, zelda and resident evil. All in all a great system, huge improvement from the game cube

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360 all the way for any online gaming, without a doubt,I also got microsofts lost odyssey,its crazy for the 360,the ps3 is cool when it first came out but the second generation sucks cuz it can’t play old games,but I do like the free online gaming with call of duty 4

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