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What is a good dog to get for a person with allergies?

Asked by shego (11083points) June 24th, 2010 from iPhone

Well, my boyfriend has an allergy to dogs, but he is thinking about getting one.
I have heard that dogs with hair instead of fur is a safer pick. So what type would you recommend?

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Havanese, poodle, Wheaten softhaired terrier are three that come to mind.

Google “hypoallergenic dogs” and you will get a long list.

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Bichon frises are supposed to be good for people with allergies

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Goldendoodle!! My cousin is crazy allergic to pet dander and her Mum adopted a Goldendoodle, this guy is awesome!! and he never sheds :D

Plus, he’s not small and yappy like a lap-dog {{shiver}}

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Poodles are the best because they don’t shed.

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You can take your dog to a groomer and get their excess hair brushed out. My step-sister is very allergic to dogs, but because of this desheding process, she now has 2 shelties! So, because of this process you would not necessarily be chained down to one specific breed of dogs.

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@Dr_Dredd don’t tell @shego how much those jewels cost. And, you have groom them at least once a month. To get one with good papers…$4000 to $5000! that will pay a lot of doctor bills!

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Be careful with Goldendoodles and Labradoodles. 1 of 4 is hypoallergenic and has reduced shedding, 2/4 have a little more shedding and can cause an allergic response (although less so than a lab/golden), and ¼ shed like any other lab (see mine at left—he is in the last 25% and sheds like a lab).

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@Kayak8 : Oh! I did not know that, thanks for the great info! :)

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I have dog allergies, too. I got a pug and bathed her every other month and had no problems. Well, allergy-wise…
They shed like crazy, though!

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My uncle is insanely allergic to just about every animal on the planet. Despite this, they have a dog, an American Eskimo named Comet. (Who is the successor to one named Charlie.) I believe they are similar to the Poodle in that they have less dander, and it is not as irritating to allergies.

Pet dander is actually what people are allergic to, not the hair itself. Dogs with well moisturized, well maintained coats shed less dander, and cause less of an allergic reaction all around.

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@BoBo1946 Really? I didn’t pay nearly that much, and mine is purebred. I guess I got lucky!

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I have a Bichon Maltese cross. No hair shedding or allergies. His hair is high maintenance though because it doesn’t shed. Just grows and grows until you can no longer see his eyes. He also is susceptible to dreads if not groomed daily. Rasta doggie!

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@Dr_Dredd i checked the internet and that was the price! Only doctors can afford that..loll!

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@BoBo1946 Like I said, I guess I just got lucky! Even I can’t afford a $4000 dog.

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I adopted a Bischon Poodle cross and she doesn’t irritate my allergies at all and is cute and smart. Check out

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portuguese water dogs.

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Thank you all for your suggestions. I greatly appreciate it.
Now my boyfriend and I have some research to do.

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