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What is your favorite perfume?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) June 24th, 2010

Mine are:
– Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture
– Daisy by Marc Jacobs
– Miami Glo by JLo

I also LOOVE the Abercrombie & Fitch perfume those hot guys that wok there spray everywhere and on the clothes. Does anyone know what that one is called? I love the first time you wear something new from Abercrombie because it smells SO good until you wash it.

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speaking as a man, i am not fussy….though I wear aftershave obviously…

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I usually wear Clinique Happy and Stella by Stella McCartney.

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DK smells kind of nice…though I wish I knew the name of this one flowery perfume I really like! ;)

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for a woman – Chanel No. 9
for a man – L’eau d’Issey by Issey Miyake

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My favorite perfume is the kind that someone else wears that I can’t smell until I’m six inches away from their skin. I can’t stand the overpowering, just-bathed-in, leave-a-cloud-of-chemical-stink behind tendency that so many people have. Just because you (they) seem to be nose dead doesn’t mean that I want to be.

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Body by Victoria…
Ah, memories…

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I don’t personally wear perfume, but my mother wears Eternity and I love the smell. If I pass someone wearing Eternity, I immediately look around for Mom.

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New video game smell.

I think you know that.

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@Symbeline is that like computer/technology/burning rubber smell?

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It’s mostly related to how much getting a new game kicks ass, as opposed to burning tire, thanks.

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@Symbeline oh i see! my tech stuff has a smell, particularly when it has been on for hours….my spectrum computer had those rubber keys with a very distinctive odour…

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White Diamonds- I love it and have worn it so long, it’s my smell.

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Red Door by Elizabeth Arden.

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My favorite perfume? Magie Noir. Absolutely. By Lancome. Lancome doesn’t make it anymore but I occasionally find it on eBay and am a hoping to acquire a life time stash. It is my scent, apparently. It’s the only perfume I’ve ever worn where men have actually stopped me on the street to ask what I was wearing. They have almost invariably asked me because they were interested in buying it for their wives, but…, I’ve moved beyond that. Still, it must smell pretty damn good on me.

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It’s not made anymore but Di Borghese was my favorite. Now I wear Donna Karan Gold.

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My favourite perfume is hard work. There is no better smell than natural human sweat and pheromones—and research has backed that up time and again. Study after study has found that sweat is more likely to cause sexual arousal in both men and women than any other smell. Human beings naturally possess a warm, slightly goaty aroma, the same sort of smell you find in a barn where animals have been kept. Human beings are not meant to smell like roses, pine trees, limes, or the anal glands of a deer. We smell like human. It’s only a century of indoctrination by the cosmetics industry which has conditioned people to refer to the natural scent of a human as “body odour.”

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@SmashTheState I almost never wear perfume and I really don’t like it when men wear cologne; I like a man to smell like what he actually smells like; I also like it when a man smells like soap. That being said, while it may not be “natural,” and human beings were never really known for being “natural” since becoming “human,” some many, maybe many, many thousands of years ago some human first said to his or her nearest and dearest: “Get away from me! Go sleep with the animals, you smell like a goat” and ever since humans have be finding scents, for most of those thousands of years, natural scents, and basting themselves in them, so they can get back into bed with the ones they love or at least have to get into bed with and not have to sleep with the goats. It is not unnatural for humans to appreciate the scent of something beautiful in nature or on another person. Humans are cultural beings in addition to being merely animals. Culture is not nature. Culture is not wrong, some parts of it just may not be for everyone.

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@SmashTheState Personally I would rather someone to smell fresh, and not over-do the perfum/cologne. 1 or 2 squirts is enough. If a person has just showered and is at least wearing deoderant than that is fine, but if they smell like sweat and were working all day I think that is gross. It for sure does some good to have a squirt of perfume/cologne on because it gives them some sort of nice and fresh smell, it dosen’t mean they have to pour the bottle on them.

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@ArpitaBarua Your welcome. I also really like Chanel perfumes, especially the green “Chance” one. I think it is like a “fresh” or “clean” version of the original Chance fragrance.

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