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Jann was just saying that tonight is a "good" night on Fluther. Ain't it though?

Asked by dpworkin (27045points) June 24th, 2010

Just a bunch of nice people who know one another a little bit socially, hanging out and chatting about interesting stuff. I’m glad all y’all are around.

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Night or day time spent on Fluther is always time well spent! <<Group hug>>

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Same to you, and thanks for that. Often enough I get the notion that people around here wish that I would leave. I won’t though. Anyway, have a good night.

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Well, since I was just saying that, I guess I have to agree with myself. I do love it when we have two or three good serious discussion and/or silly threads going with lively, interesting chats.

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‘S marvelous.

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I always wondered if you and her are together, you know? That’d be funny.

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We have never met, she is married and I am engaged, but we were sort of raised in a similar way by left-wing secular Yiddishist Jews, so we have a head start on understanding one another.

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@dpworkin Yeah, I know it makes no sense. And I know she’s married and you’re engaged.

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Grateful that all of you are out there. I heart you guys!


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’‘Raises glass of Brandy.’’

Fuckin A.

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<<hugs>> Anyone seen my roach clip?

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<<group hugs>> I s this just gonna be one of those random threads? ‘Cause I brough rice cakes! XD

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land here, use mine. I found it under the…oh never mind

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I won’t stay long as my blood sugar is already too high today, but right back at’cha @dpworkin (and all y’all fine, fine jellies).

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@josie I don’t wish that you would leave.
I like you!

I like it when everyone is polite, so while I still think everyone is being nice, I’m going to bed.
Sweet dreams to you all.

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In a cold world, you need your friends to keep you warm. Fluther is a great place to get together and stay toasty. I’d like to believe all nights (and days) are good ones here in Jelly land.

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Hey guys…’re here…I needed that smile. @Draconess25 rice cakes after 4 steaks and muffins?? how about another ice cream sandwich for me??

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@jazmina88 Mom at the last one, sorry. :(

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It’s always a good night in the chat room. You should drop by sometime!

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It looks like I missed the action by a few hours damn time zones, but there are some great discussions floating around at the moment! Its good to have you all around.

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Well I missed it by two weeks! This question reminds me why I became hooked on Fluther in the first place… the great group of people here. Lurve you all!

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and dp-cranky-workin waxing on about a “bunch of nice people” to boot.

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Tonight is another good Fluther night. Man do those Zombie drinks ever creep up on you. Go fluther go go GO!

Also gnight yall.

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Me, cranky?

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That’s on the good days, my darlin’. ((hugs))

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@dpworkin: S’okay…cranky is endearing.

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