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Should we drop our allies?

Asked by Banksy (4points) June 24th, 2010

Well, we play a game called “CyberNations” and we’re in an alliance called “The Orange Defense Network.” Recently, our allies in “The Resistance” have been putting us in an awkward position on the international treaty scene, and we need to know if we should just drop them outright.

Although they’re our friends, we just don’t know if the relationship is able to withstand the strain they are putting us through.

Please help us decide!

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You never abandon friends unless they do something to make them an enemy. Period.

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No need, we’ll take care of it.

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Do you think your friendship will withstand the test of dropping the alliance?

If you don’t care, then go for it. If your friendship means so much to you that having/dropping the alliance might put you in danger of damaging or losing the friendship, you might want to try another route. A gentle discussion as to where they’re putting you in jeopardy might be the best place to start. Just remember – lots of “this makes me feel” as opposed to “you’re making us look like idiots.” The latter makes people defensive and makes discussions become arguments.

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Given the current tumultuous international situation, and the growing threat of an NPO-TOP resurgence a-la GWII, prudence dictates that you shut up and do your damn job instead of asking strangers how to run your alliance. I swear, you make the worst bloody senator ever, and when I figure out where you live, I’m going to drive down there and cover your house in rancid meat, so that all sorts of crazy critters swarm your domicile, and when you try to go outside you get mauled by bears.

Worst senator ever.

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“No nation has friends, only interests.”
– Charles de Gaulle

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Friends close, enemy’s closer.

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