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What is the point of the MobileMe web gallery?

Asked by rguest (201points) June 24th, 2010

I love apple and have a MobileMe account. I don’t understand what to do with it though. Isn’t it basically a flickr with less features? Maybe I’m missing something.

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It’s more of a personalized online photo gallery. Think of it as Flickr without the online community. You can share images with family members or other friends you invite.

Generally, the who service is probably a little more polished that Flickr’s since you’re paying for MobileMe. However, I personally cannot find a reason pay for MobileMe when I can get get most of its features for free (such as using Flickr instead of MobileMe Gallery or Gmail instead of MobileMe Mail.)

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It’s pretty much just a place to upload your photos only, and share the photos with friends and family. MobileMe can be left out of the Mac equation quite easily in my opinion. I suggest to try going without it when your subscription is up, and see how you like it.

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