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Are casinos suffering?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) June 24th, 2010

The last two trips i have made to my favorite casino, were useless for me. the slot machines were so tight, that i should have just passed the front door of the casino and dropped my money at the front door and kept on driving. is anyone winning anymore? or, are the casinos suffering because of the economy?

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Sorry, considering house odds, I just can’t think “casinos” and “suffering” in the same sentence. I know a lot of people are just trying to work, make a living, feed their, families, but those are two words I have trouble putting together.

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I’m sure they are feeling the pinch of people’s lack of discretionary funds.

But as you noticed their strategy to cope with this is to lock up the jackpots tighter than Herman Munster’s Hat Band.

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I’ve read that Vegas in particular is running on a skeleton crew, but slot payout percentages (I believe) are generally mandated by the various gaming commissions, so I’d say yes but chalk your experience up to a bad night.

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Reno and Las Vegas have been hit pretty hard, but in our area, the majority of casino clientele consists of retired folks on Social Security or pensions, and their income is assured. Many of our local casinos are expanding and hiring

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Visitors to Vegas/Reno is down and likely to stay down until unemployment improves. People, even those working, don’t gamble when they are not secure in their job. The main element of security is knowing you can go down the street and get another job…right now most don’t have that feeling.

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Wall Street has reopened, traders are gambling winning million-dollar bonuses. Thank you tax payers.

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